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"The e-learning workshops were amazing. I really enjoyed this style."

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a year since we first introduced eWorkshops – which were developed in response to COVID restrictions. We remain committed to continually upping our game in terms of the quality and educational value. It’s essential that we continue to invite and receive your feedback as this information allows us to meet your needs, as an Instructor.

  • "I’m gonna say it and I didn’t think I would: PLEASE KEEP OFFERING eWORKSHOPS!!! YOU ARE ON A WINNER!"
  • "I am so impressed with the smooth, clear, high quality eWorkshops. The Brisbane Instructors on Saturday did such an amazing last-minute delivery of the amazing new Releases. I loved that you could simply rejoin when the class you wanted to join was on. The timetable clearly stating time zones was much appreciated! Timely, clear, consistent communication via email was also so helpful Can’t fault anything! Thank you LMAP, you've outdone yourself in the new (COVID) world we live in."
  • "The streaming was so much better this time! The RPM™ session was by far my favourite – a whole new level of teaching! Please continue to share online so I can continue to improve."
  • "I would like the option of doing online workshops from now on please! I can hardly ever attend them [in-person] as they are always in the city, which is too far for me to travel. TIA!"

We’re so glad you feel this way about the eWorkshops! When we first introduced them, we thought we needed to mimic the live experience that we all know and love. However, we have learned that replicating that in-person vibe is simply not possible through a screen; so instead, we’ve taken many incredible strides forward to introduce ways for you to interact with us and have an equal – though different – premium experience. And remain committed to continuing to grow and develop the eWorkshops experience.
  • "I LOVED the Front Row! I felt so connected with Johnny and Rachael; that moment when we were all moving together at the same time, and being coached and hyping each other up... nothing beats live, but this is the next best thing!"
  • "In Q3.2020 I gave the feedback that I wished there was more interaction, and LMAP brought the A-game! The Front Row is AH-MAY-ZHING! I can’t wait for the next one."
  • "I was hesitant to participate in the Front Row, but was so glad I did! SPRINT™ was on fire and it was great to see everyone killing it!"
  • "The Front Row experience was a hoot! The Presenters were also awesome."

We’re so glad you enjoyed your Front Row experience. We’ve been tirelessly working and testing this concept behind the scenes for some time now, so are pleased to have the Front Row so well received. We’re so glad you’re enjoying it and we look forward to further enhancing your Front Row experiences in the future.
  • The white background for eWorkshops - less frills but so much easier for learning.
  • The white background is very good; makes it easy to see the Instructors.
  • The white background looked great and made it really easy to focus on the Instructors, and see every move.
  • The background being simple means I could concentrate on the specifics of technique and transitions between moves.
  • I hope the eWorkshops keep the clean background.

We hear you loud and clear – the infinity background is a winner, as it contributes to your learning and helps create an even better experience!
  • Very clear camera angles; in fact, clearer than [in-person] Masterclasses, LOL! I can see full body angles of the Presenters, which makes it easier to follow.
  • I love the technical aspects; the camera angle switches are really helpful and makes it even more engaging.

We’re so glad you enjoyed the technical aspects of the eWorkshops. We’re incredibly lucky to work with a talented tech team who continues to learn from past experiences, in order to continually enhance the quality of the live-stream and your overall experience.

Why can’t a recording of the eWorkshops be provided for Instructors to access on-demand later?
We would love to be able to provide this; however, due to music licensing rights this is not currently possible.

Why is there a cost to attend the eWorkshops?
Live-streaming from multiple locations, engaging our incredible Presenters, and all the hard work behind the scenes incurs quite a significant cost. We also need to hire technical professionals as well as rent studio locations in order to deliver eWorkshops. We always do our utmost to ensure that eWorkshops are priced as fairly and reasonably for Instructors, as possible.

I’m not a fan of this Quarter’s Music.
Tastes in music is pretty subjective. Our general recommendation is to give every new Release a few tries before providing feedback because sometimes it takes a little while to warm up to a new Release. If you feel strongly about the music or have feedback around the choreography in a specific Release, please submit your feedback here.

I look forward to having more In-Person Workshops once COVID is not a such a threat.
We hear ya loud and clear! We agree – nothing beats that In-Person feeling when we are all experiencing the magic of the new Releases together. We cannot wait to reunite with you at In-Person Workshops!

The schedule ran to time and the space between classes was the perfect length.
We’re so glad you enjoyed the new scheduling.

The online informative education sessions being available on-demand are great!
This is great to hear. Rest assured, we will continue to seek Instructor feedback and further refine the Education sessions for future events.

For online workshops, would be great if Presenters from different locations can share the virtual stage.
This is a great idea, and one we’re exploring. Of course, doing so would require renting multiple studios and engaging different crews to pull it off! We’re always on the look-out to exploring new ways to beam in our Presenters from other countries.

For me, the live-streamed eWorkshops were disappointing as the sound quality was poor and the video kept freezing, so I missed parts of the Masterclass.
If we experience a technical difficulty that prevents or impacts the quality of the live-stream, then you can be sure that we’ll let everyone know during the broadcast. Typically, in the circumstances you describe, it’s most often your local internet connection causing these sorts of issues. Please remember, during the eWorkshops you can reach out for immediate help through the live chat function or via or Facebook messenger.
In summary, here’s what we learned...

Thanks to everyone who submitted a survey. We’re excited that the live chat function and the Front Row are ideal for Instructors seeking greater interactivity; as such, we’ll continue to develop these initiatives for future eWorkshops.

We look forward to uniting with you in Q3. Rest assured, our aim is to bring back In-Person Workshops just as soon as we can. Keep safe and stay strong!