Step 1 – Find A Facility

First up it is ideal to get associated with a facility that offers the program that you want to teach. You can find your nearest facility here. Once you’ve identified the facility that you would like to work with, contact the Group Fitness Manager and find out if they’re keen to endorse your training. If you don’t have a facility to partner with or have any queries get in touch with us at

Step 2 – Initial Training Module

Book into an Initial Training Module in your chosen program once confirmed we will send you your training pack. At the end of the Initial Training Module you will be assessed and if successful well on your way to teaching anywhere in the world. At this point you are able to attend workshops, purchase music and book into Advanced Instructor Modules.
The cut off date for initial training registration is 2 weeks prior to the the training date.

Step 3 – Prepare For Assessment

The process of Certification makes sure the program/s are delivered safely and effectively and you’re instructing to your full potential. Certification is a globally recognised qualification by Les Mills. The preferred method for certification is to attend an Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) 1. We recommend you book into an AIM 1 between three and six months after Initial Training depending on your competence and experience. Alternatively, video Certification options are available.

Step 4 – Get Certified

Attend AIM and we will assess your competence in the program, providing either a 'pass', or a 'resubmit' outcome. If you receive a ‘resubmit’ don’t worry we will provide you with guidance and steps to achieve a Pass. Alternatively, video Certification options are available.
The cut off date for AIM 1 and 2 training registration is 1 week prior to the the training date.

Step 5 – Prepare To Perform

Congratulations! You are officially part of the 100,000 strong instructor tribe that are changing lives and on a mission to create a fitter planet.

Why Les Mills?

  • Global qualification allowing you to teach worldwide
  • Get paid for working out
  • Scientifically backed workouts mean you are delivering a safe and effective workout every time
  • A rewarding career in fitness
  • Discounted Reebok Apparel
  • Be part of the tribe on our mission to create a Fitter Planet
Find Initial Training Dates   or email us at to talk to a consultant.

Continuing the Journey

Attend Workshops
Workshops are held four times a year across Australia and South-East Asia, and are your opportunity to see the latest releases in person, interact with the Trainer and Presenter team and attend Education Sessions helping you to enhance your skill set. Workshops are also an opportunity for you to try other Les Mills programs you may be interested in training in. Registrations are online and open approximately 6 weeks prior to workshops. You will be notified via email when they open.


See Workshop Schedule


Order Music
Each quarter there is a new release of music and choreography for you to learn. Order the latest music release at the same time as registering for the quarterly workshop and qualify for the Music workshop discount. If you attend the quarterly workshop you will also be able to download your music on the pre-release music date alternatively you will be able to download your music on the music release date. Please be aware that is illegal to share or burn Les Mills releases with other Instructors or facilities.

Get Latest Release


If you have been teaching your program for at least 6 months you may be ready to up skill and register for an Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) 1, focusing on program essence, dramatically improving your technique and revolutionising your approach to advanced coaching. After about a year of teaching, take the challenge and attend an Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) 2; designed for Instructors to master the 5 key elements of teaching in a holistic manner of your chosen program.

AIM 1 Training Dates   AIM 2 Training Dates

Australia Only Requirements

What is Group Exercise Leader (GEL)?
If you don't hold a current fitness qualification, GEL is ideal for Instructors who want to teach a specific Les Mills program. GEL is for those wishing to acquire a minimum qualification in order to teach Les Mills classes and be eligible for insurance. GEL is endorsed by Australian Fitness Network.
GEL is available for purchase either bundled with an Initial Training Module and Certification or independently.

Register for GEL


We recommend you acquire personal liability and professional indemnity insurance to protect you against potential legal action from clients and members.
Les Mills do not offer Insurance, underwriters include:


What are Continuing education Credits (CEC)
For our Australian Instructors you will need to accumulate 20 CECs every two years to maintain your registration with Fitness Australia. Les Mills Asia Pacific offer you opportunities to accumulate CECs via training and education.

Each quarter we provide online exams to be completed which are based on the releases choreography notes. Successfully passing the exam will award you with 2 CECs (provided you have purchased the release, in your name that the exam is based on), in addition to this attendance at Quarterly Workshops in the same program will award you another 1 CEC. You can accumulate up to 3 CECs each quarter for each program you are trained in.

More info

  • The exams are made available 14 days after the final quarterly workshop for the period.
  • You will have access to the last 9 months worth of exams (maximum of three available exams per program)
  • You only have one attempt per exam
  • You must score 80% (8/10) to pass the exam
  • All questions are multiple choice with only one correct answer
  • A certificate (pdf) will be emailed to you on successful completion, showing the number of points you have received

Sit for CEC Exams

Les Mills Seminars for GFMs

Les Mills Seminars are designed to provide insight on current and future industry trends, best practices and consumer behaviour. Topics range from developing instructors to mastery, to creating the best timetable to pull more members and engage current members, to the future of fitness and how to remain competitive in this ever changing industry.


Whether you are a Club Owner, Club Manager, Sales Manager, PT Manager or Group Fitness Manager we have the insights to help get you ahead of the game.

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