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top tips image

Normally we would go to the Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) Trainer team for their top teaching tips, but this month we have done a 180 and decided to go straight to the coal-face, to you, the instructors on the ground (on the stage?) and ask the question: What is the single best tip you learned at training. This could be a tip from Initial Module Training, AIM 1 or AIM 2. Here is just a small sample of the gems we encountered:

  • One of my greatest takeaways was to: “team teach with the music” – Claire G
  • Do your own class! Film it and participate in it – Jye C
  • Qualify options and make them sound like an either/or, not if you can’t do this/then do that – Melody Z
  • Teach to the people in front of you. Give them what they need, don’t say it because you think you have to – Tanya R
  • Remember you do this because you love it, let that love come through to your participants as much as the chorey, technique, coaching – Jen S

To see the full list of (unedited) your tips, go to the Les Mills Asia Pacific Facebook page and check the post from 23 November 2017. Please feel free to add your own!