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Your Q1 Education Fix


Our last two education sessions at Quarterly Workshops have focused on two things that we know great instructors do: they team-teach with the music and they use great vocal variety.You’ve started implementing your learnings over the last two quarters and…

Now what?

How do you know what you have implemented is working? Enter the Q1 Instructor Education Session: The Value of Self Evaluation & Self Video Assessment.

In this practical workshop you will learntipson what to look for when self-evaluating and questions to ask yourselfto get the most from video self-assessment. For example:

  1. Is there anything that makes you cringe and detracts from people’s experience?
  2. Did you recognize yourself on stage?
  3. Identify what’s awesome about you and needs to be kept/enhanced?

You will also learn the importance of adopting a growth mindset towards your classes and self-assessment and feel more confident about video self-assessment. By the end of the session you will:

  • Understand the importance of regularly video self-assessing your classes
  • Recognisethe barriers to video self-assessment
  • Learn the importance of adopting a growth mindset towards your classes and self-assessment
  • Practice self-assessing
  • Feel more confident about video self-assessment

Important: BYO!

Instructors attending the Instructor Education Session at Q1 Workshops are asked to bring a music playing device (such as an iPod or Smartphone) with music you are currently using to teach, headphones and a video recording device (such as a Smartphone) and a pen. This will be a practical session.

There is still time (for some of you!) to register

Registrations have closed for some Q1 Workshop locations, please check here if you’re not sure about your closest location: