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A year in Review


2017. The year of Despacito. The year of the brand new Taylor Swift. The year of La La Land not winning the Best Picture at the Oscars. The year of Beyonce’s baby bump and another royal engagement. It was a year of ups, downs, highs and lows.

In the world of Les Mills, it was also a big year. We started off with the biggest milestone for the biggest program, BODYPUMP 100. We sweated up a storm in Sydney at Les Mills Live, introduced the new 45-minute format of BODYPUMP, we Worked out for Water (raising enough funds for 1,657 water pumps for East Africa), The Trip (an immersive cycling experience) had its first training in our region, and we learnt thousands of hours of choreography for the classes that we love to teach.

When it comes to your favourite tracks of the year, the people of Facebook spoke: “Fried Chicken” from CXWORX 28 was the most buzzed about song. Therese says “it's easy to teach, it gets the burn and its fun and funky.”

One of the biggest songs, with the biggest drops for the biggest program, “Kraken” from BODYPUMP 100 was goose-bump worthy the first time we heard it. Mau says, “that was the track that really made me realise what direction the program was headed and that sick beat got the goose-bumps going!”

Someone, and we’re not naming names here, but it was Marie from the office, said that her favourite song of the year was the classic “Welcome to Les Mills Cover Music” pre-class stinger track.

Other most noted tracks from our Facebook and Instagram search included “Adeline” from BODYBALANCE 79, “Side to Side” from both BODYSTEP 109, “Wild Horses” from BODYCOMBAT 73 and RPM 75. But let’s be honest, Teena sums it up nicely, “you mean you want us to choose just one?!”

If we had to choose one song that we should leave in 2017? Yeah, the “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” song…although a special shout-out to Presenter Brayden Kelly at the Perth workshops who brought out pineapples during the track!

It’s been a big year and next year promises to be even bigger. In the meantime, we thought we’d share our top two most read articles in-case you missed them:

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