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‘Tis the (Workshop) season and the anticipation of the unknown in upcoming releases is one of the draw-cards for this time of year. While the latest releases provide us with the element of surprise …well there are some things at Quarterly Workshop time that just stay the same:

  • Wearing the same outfit as 15 other people
  • Wearing the same outfit as the Presenter team head to toe (including underwear... we don’t care to know how you would have that information)
  • Started on the wrong leg (damn you instructor right!)
  • Seen the Instructor you said you couldn’t cover for today…awkward.
  • You observe above average orange skin tones
  • Chatted with fellow Instructors for longer than the 17-second changeover between classes
  • Wondered how the hell you are going to teach this release without perishing/stacking
  • You didn’t bring enough changes of clothes to workshops, so have to go home in wet socks
  • Participated in more classes than you anticipated (see above) 
  • Deciding that that this was the quarter you will give yourself plenty of time to learn chorey (yeah right!)

DISCLAIMER: there is no cash-jackpot (or any jackpot for that matter) for Workshop Bingo. The prize is simply attending workshops. DISCLAIMER: that’s not a prize either. You still have to register and pay.