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When you have those classes

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Are you really an Instructor if you haven’t at least once thought to yourself “that was the worst class ever and I’m never teaching again”

We’ve all had those shocker classes, no energy on the floor, chorey is a little rusty, alphabet soup has better coaching and you feel a-thousand-million kilos of sluggishness.

YAY! Become an Instructor they said. It will be fun they said.

But back to that class.

How do you recover from the hot-mess that was? How do you dust yourself off and motivate yourself so you can motivate others (in usually less than 12-hours til your next class):


Remind yourself that in an entire year of teaching – usually in the hundreds of classes – a few below average classes are inevitable ¯\_()_/¯

It’s not you, it’s me

When I’ve broken down in a fit of “I’m never teaching again” and lamented to anyone who will listen – it’s often met with a blank stare. The classes you think will go viral for the wrong reasons are in fact… fine. It’s the internal monologue that is usually worse than what is happening in reality. So keep the focus on the people in-front of you rather than the fairytales in your head.

Focus forward

Ok so it was the worst class ever. What to do? Focus on absolutely nailing the next class to wash the sadness of classes prior away. Normally how the group fitness Gods operate is the worst class ever is followed by the best class ever.

How do you get over those classes?