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V-DAY SPECIAL: These Two! Nawww.

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You may recognise Marlon from his famous Insta videos (@marlonwoods_) or 10 odd appearances in Masterclass filming (BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT and LES MILLS TONE). You might have spied Felicity facilitating a BODYPUMP initial module training, or carving it up as a Presenter at Quarterly Workshops for BODYATTACK & BODYPUMP.

What you may not know is that Marlon and Felicity (Marlicity?) are one dynamo couple we had a chat to in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day.

Marlon, originally from the United States first met Felicity at filming in New Zealand – for those playing at home, Marlon was presenting BODYPUMP 104* and BODYCOMBAT 74 (circa 2017). Felicity was in NZ to support fellow trainer and presenter, Steve Cluff, as he filmed his 4th BODYATTACK masterclass, BODYATTACK 99. It went a little like this:

Marlon to Steve: Tell Felicity I love her, and I want to marry her.

Steve to Marlon: She’s too much woman for you, mate.

Felicity to Steve: Who’s Marlon?


Both now residing together in NSW – Marlon recently moved to Australia – both teach their classes at Fitness First clubs in Sydney. So, question: Do you give each other unsolicited feedback on classes? Yes! “We’re talkers. Giving feedback and sharing ideas about anything and everything is an everyday thing. Teaching is no different - after a team teach, before and after workshops, and during filming week”. What about at Workshop time then when you are both preparing for your respective classes? Any unwritten rules? Stay out of each other’s way? Don’t look, don’t breathe in the other’s direction? “There are no rules, we’re mainly focused on spreading the workshop love for our programs and hanging out with instructors and the team. It’s fun to do that together when we’re in the same place, and debrief on our respective workshops when we’re not”.

And I repeat. Nawww.

Let’s take a quick breather – 5 fast facts:

  1. Marlon owns and runs a powerlifting gym in Georgia, USA.
  2. Felicity leads a specialist HR team at Westpac.
  3. Marlon is completing a PHD in Psychology.
  4. Felicity also teaches CXWORX.
  5. Marlon will be presenting Q1/2019 in Newcastle, Canberra and Campbelltown. Felicity will be presenting in Sydney CBD, Canberra and Campbelltown.


Back to regular programing – we ask Felicity and Marlon their take on “normal” couples vs “instructor” couples and whether there a difference? They say the answer lies in the shared value they place on their health and wellbeing and that it plays a huge part in both their lives , personally and professionally.

And just one final cheeky question for Felicity: are you often an unwitting participant in Marlon’s famous insta videos?

“Uh, my clothes are usually the unwitting participants. I’m usually behind the scenes!”

*BODYPUMP instructors: Go to your 104 release and hear the shout-out to Felicity in the final round of the back track ;)