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Some days we’re lucky to have simply survived the daily grind with our pants on the right way let alone having the time to up-skill in one of our programs. But just like incidental exercise, we are here to tell you that you can incidental learn (just googling now if that’s a thing): no matter what you are doing or how long you have, you can up-skill in your program:

Waiting for kettle to boil (2 minutes)

The Les Mills app is your one-stop-shop where the latest education sessions are stored. Here, you will find over 200 program specific and generic education videos that range from 30 seconds to five minutes.

Sitting on the toilet (10 minutes)

Go through your chorey notes and pay special attention to the Track Focus or Coaching Tips (depending on your program) – the Track Focus is located at the start of each track in your chorey notes. As the name suggests, the focus provides the emphasis of your coaching or tone for that particular track. For example in BODYPUMP 105 the track focus for lunges is: clearly coach the timing and execution of the squat and backward stepping lunge combination so everyone understands the technique; success is fatigue!

Waiting for your bread to prove (1 hour)

Give your mentor a call and discuss your feedback from last time you taught together or self-evaluate from a video of your last class. When you watch your class back use this Self-Assessment form

Additional tip: Google “bread to prove” (5 minutes). Some of the Marketing team didn’t know what this was.

Your house is having an end of lease clean (8 hours)

Advanced Instructor Module 1 (AIM 1) has been created to reinforce and enhance the skills acquired at initial module training. The module is program specific as it delves into the program essence, technique and coaching elements to enhance your ability as an instructor. As instructors, we have the ability to enhance the outcomes of the people in front of you, and it comes down to a number of factors. Two that are within your control and the focus of AIM 1 is technique and coaching.

Plans cancelled for a weekend away (2 days)

Advanced Instructor Module 2 (AIM 2) is the progression following your successful completion of AIM 1. The purpose of AIM 2 is to complete the circle by introducing intangible skills, the skills that will fill your classes and keep people coming back for more. Subject matter includes teaching with purpose, teaching with authenticity and contrast and advanced scripting.

Do you have other easy tips that you use to up-skill in this crazy-busy world?