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NEW! Team Try-Outs


The process of identifying talent for the Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) Presenter team has undergone an overhaul. The new 3-step process allows Instructors to systematically and fairly apply for a position as part of the LMAP Presenter team. Some of the exciting additions to the process include more opportunities to receive feedback from a senior LMAP panel (People and Culture team, Presenter Performance Coaches and Head Trainers) and the creation of the Les Mills Squad–a team of emerging presenters.

What is a Presenter?

When you attend your Quarterly Workshops you should expect a polished, role model presentation of the latest program release. The individuals teaching the Workshop classare the LMAP Presenter team. Throughout the year the team undergoes a rigorous cycle of training and up-skilling to ensure they are at the top of their game with role-model technique, innovative coaching, warm connection and of course the ability to electrify the room!

How do I apply for the Presenter team?

The new process, conducted annually in capital cities is a 2-step process:

Step 1: Invitation

Instructors who have completed Advanced Instructor Module 2 (AIM 2) will be invited to attend a Team Try-Out day. For programs where there isn't yet an AIM 2, this invitation will be extended to AIM1 Instructors, or Certified Instructors in the case of SPRINT. After receiving the initial invitation from the LMAP Trainer Manager, interested Instructors will be required to submit a track and application for review. 

Step 2: Team Try-Out Day

Successful applicants will then be invited to a Try-Out day; like an audition. This day will be facilitated by a representative from the LMAP People and Culture team and a minimum of one Presenter Performance Coach (PPC). Instructors will present one track which will be filmed.


After the filmed tracks are reviewed by the program PPC and Head Trainers, suitable Instructors will then be invited to attend a 2-day Bootcamp where they will receive valuable feedback and up-skill over the two days.

Those Instructors who are deemed suitable by the senior LMAP panel will join the Presenter Team if there is an immediate need for a Presenter in a particular program.

The Les Mills Squad

If there isn't an immediate need for Presenters in a particular program, suitable Instructors will then become part of a development squad. This will be a small team of Instructors who are emerging Presenters. These Instructors will receive feedback and coaching from PPCs twice a year and shadow at a local Quarterly Workshops.

Next Step?

If the Presenter pathway is one that you wish to pursue – there are things you can do to ensure you are in the best position possible when you receive that invite:

  • Stay updated with the latest in your program with the latest Quarterly Releases and attending Quarterly Workshops
  • Review your AIM 1 and 2 notes
  • Regularly film your classes for self assessment
  • Ask your GFM for feedback
  • Do other Instructors classes
  • Monitor your technique through mirror work regularly

Finally – make sure your email details are up-to-date with Les Mills so you don’t miss out your invite. You can do this by logging in to and selecting the Update Details menu item.