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The great volume debate

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Is there a more contentious issue than the volume in your classes?

Turn it up! Turn it down! Turn it sideways! Actually thank goodness there isn’t that third option to complain about.

Other than bleeding ears, it’s difficult to get an accurate gauge of the volume in your class from the stage; reason being speakers are (usually) positioned optimally for members, rather than the Instructor. For example, the speakers may be positioned in front of the stage: the volume in this situation might be super loud for your members, but because you are behind the speakers, sound perfectly reasonable to you.

The fun part is all studios are different. Hear* are 3 tips to optimise the volume in your classes:

TIP 1: Get on the floor

When you go in for the check-check-1-2 to test the mic and music at the start of the class, rather than simply testing the volume from the stage, go for a wander around the room so you can gauge the volume from a participant’s stand-point. You might find you need to make the volume louder/softer for yourself on the stage in order to cater for what your members will hear (ah the things we do!).

TIP 2: Relationships 101

When you are doing your wandering sound check, do check the relationship between the music volume and the mic volume: you want to be heard over the music at your normal speaking voice – a fine balance where neither drowns out the other. Equality. Very 2018.

TIP 3: It’s about the…journey

Journeys aren’t just the fodder of reality shows; journeys are also useful to create contrast and interest in your class. We know that the music selection helps create a journey, your coaching creates a journey, but what about adding an extra element of story-telling: volume (surely that’s an AIM 3 out-take. Editor’s note: AIM 3…not a thing). For example turn the volume down for a Track 5 in BODYATTACK which comes off the high of a peak-track.

DISCLAIMER: don’t be playing with the volume All. The. Time. It will irritate your members and the technique will lose it’s impact. Use common sense, one or two adjustments is plenty.

You can’t please everyone all of the time

Even if you have the perfect volume – there will inevitably be someone who thinks the music is too loud too soft too something, do your best, otherwise may we refer you to these top tips:

*yes. We know.