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The gift that keeps on giving


After last month’s advice on getting the most from your tax return, we are back this month to provide tax return spending inspo! The best bit? You can claim it all back again on next year’s tax return – it’s a beautiful thing.

Reebok Merchandise
Reebok are constantly dropping new ranges and items (*ahem* 29 June) – you never can have too much activewear right? Remember it does need to be Les Mills branded in order to deem the items tax deductible.

Back releases
Once you have finished smashing out Q2 releases, have a quick sneak peak in your back catalogue – missing anything from your collection? Or just completed initial module training and keen to mix in some different releases? You can purchase the back catalogue of releases as far back as 2-years by logging in to

Train in a new program or up-skill
Lucky enough to have got a handy chunk of change back from your return? You could put it toward training in a new program or up-skilling a current program through AIM 1 or AIM 2.

SMART TECH equipment
Practice like a pro with your very own set of SMART TECH equipment. The new generation SMARTBAR 2.0 is available now that features a faster change gator mechanism so you can whip plates on and off faster than ever. Weight plates are also available in the new 7.5kg increment(as well as the usual 5kg, 2.5kg and 1kg). You can also pick yourself up an MBX mat (mind-body-exercise mat) that can be used on one side for Yoga or flipped on to the more durable exercise side for other activities. Capping off the range is the SMARTBAND and SMARTBAND Extreme (the meaner version of the SMARTBAND).

Now this is sweet – take yourself on a fit-cation, by combining some well-earned R&R after attending a LES MILLS Filming (usually in NZ, but later this year will be in Shanghai!) or wait until 2019 and shoot over to LES MILLS LIVE in Singapore.

How are you planning to spend your tax return this year?