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The Barre Essentials

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LES MILLS BARRE has just hit the shores of Australia and South East Asia this weekend. We caught up with Inge Gnatt LES MILLS BARRE Program Performance Coach (PPC) and Jamie Winbank, Trainer and Presenter for LES MILLS BARRE to get the barre bare essentials.

Both have extensive training behind them, Inge trained in classical ballet from the age of 2 (“after seeing my older sister in classes”) and danced professionally in classical and contemporary dance. Jamie trained as a contemporary dancer, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and has performed professionally ever since “a part of my training growing up and during my tertiary studies was ballet everyday”.

For them LES MILLS BARRE is an exciting program, filling a gap in the evolving and growing fitness market. Inge says, “it’s a ballet-based workout for absolutely anyone! This is a program for beginners through to advanced, it’s all about learning the movements and then letting yourself find freedom through the music.” Jamie adds, “what sets this program apart from other barre programs is that it’s the only truly pre-choreographed barre program and we don’t use a traditional barre in class.”

In fact, without the traditional barre for support, the muscles supporting the body’s stability and strength become the focus of the workout. A series of simple yet challenging exercises – all set to quirky, modern music – encompass everything from small, focused movements through to graceful combinations that lift the heart rate and tone the entire body.


Do I need to go out and quickly learn French?

Inge: No, you don’t need to know French, but as a LES MILLS BARRE teacher you will need to learn the Ballet names of the moves, which are in French.

What is the best thing about LES MILLS BARRE?

Jamie: The combination of the music and moves together. There are tracks where the burn is real, then others when the pure joy of movement and dancing is right at the heart.

What can I look forward to in LES MILLS BARRE class?

Jamie: We’re launching the 30-minute format so you can look forward to 8-tracks of serious beautiful burn, the freedom and joy of dancing and a really strong workout set to great music.

Inge: While it may look beautiful, don’t underestimate the burn! Les Mills knows that ballet dancers are among the world’s strongest athletes, their grace and elegance shaped by focused, intense training.

Do I need to go and purchase a new leotard and tights?

Inge: If that’s what works for you then go ahead! I will be in gym gear and socks. You can wear ballet shoes if that suits you better.