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by Katriyn Ann

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Meet Martha Sinaga aka Tata, she is the new Tribe Recruiter for LMAP SEA team! Tata joined LMAP SEA team on April 1st 2019. To give you a clearer idea of what she does, a Tribe Recruiter is dedicated to connecting keen fitness lovers with training opportunities across Southeast Asia and helping potential candidates turn their passion into a career by teaching Les Mills Group Fitness classes.

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As she is also an instructor for BODYPUMP, GRIT and RPM, Tata said she will use her already strong understanding and enthusiasm for Les Mills and all things instructor-related, to instill positive vibes when recruiting new instructors for the various Les Mills programs. She is committed to stay ahead of the game and make sure communication between Les Mills and the instructors is effective.

Tata believes that by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she is able to inspire not only herself but others to be better. She wants you to know that no matter what your fitness goals are, you just need to take it one step at a time. Fitness is about self-care and overall well-being.

Hailing from Indonesia, her advice to new instructors, “A big part of being alive is having the courage to constantly challenge yourselves and get out of your comfort zones”. Don’t hesitate, take a leap of faith. It’s a priceless journey. Apart from earning extra income while staying fit, Les Mills constantly updates and gives their instructors educational materials and career opportunities. “It is amazing how people from all walks of life are able to gather and share the same objectives!” Tata expresses.

Fun Facts:

What animal do you identify with and why?

A capybara! We both share the same traits, calm and relaxed. 

What one thing that people assume about you, that is wrong.

People often assume that I am gullible, but don’t be fooled by my good natured personality.

If you’d like to grow your career and develop yourself further by teaching other Les Mills programs (like the refreshed LES MILLS GRIT), drop her an email at