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Survival of the fittest

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The survival of the fittest is an apt way to describe the fitness industry. One minute we’re self-righteously spending hours on the gym floor, the next we’re doing HIIT and even 30-minutes seems like an eternity. One minute we’re nailing a box-step-grape-vine combination, the next we’re functional training with a forward stepping lunge and rotation.

For this reason, BODYVIVE 3.1 has undergone some changes in response to the fitness landscape. The repositioning of the product will open up the program to new audiences but with consideration to current members in order to build on the loyal fan-base.

The most obvious change will be the name: from January 2018 BODYVIVE 3.1 will be known as LES MILLS TONE™. Updated marketing assets will available on Brand Central early in the new year. The name change speaks to the results the program delivers and believe it is the #1 result participants in this style of training are seeking.

To help increase attendance you will receive the marketing you need to tell a great story about the updated choreography and music to encourage members to give it a try. If BODYVIVE 3.1 is performing well in your business, the focus can be re-branding; the refreshed marketing will update and modernize the look of the program and a great opportunity to re-launch in your club.

The target market for the program remains the female 18-45 demographic and sits comfortably in the core and strength space on timetables. And since your current BODYVIVE 3.1 Instructors will automatically be able to teach LES MILLS TONE, you can seamlessly continue running the program during the name transition period.

We look forward to sharing the success of LES MILLS TONE in 2018.