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BRISBANE SUPER – Instructors, We Hear You!

by Les Mills Asia Pacific


Amongst all the love, we also received some feedback and questions around price and opening the event to the general public. So we wanted to let you know that we appreciate your support and involvement, and we hear you - loud and clear. So here is our response...


Why is it open to the public?

There’s been a bit of chatter around why the Brisbane Super Workshop is open to “the public”. So hopefully the following info will provide some enlightenment and explanation to those with queries:

To clarify, it’s not the “general public” per se, who are invited to attend the Brisbane Super Workshop. More accurately, we are encouraging you – our Les Mills instructors – to invite your most passionate class devotees to come along and enjoy what will be an extremely elevated group fitness experience. Now when we say “class devotees” you know the individuals we’re talking about – they’re the members who are in the front row of your class; they have “their” spot in the line-up; they’re often first to arrive and last to leave; and you really notice it, on those rare occasions when they’re absent from your class.

These dedicated class participants are the “public” that we are openly encouraging you to bring along to the Brisbane Super Workshop. The reason for this is because, ultimately, they’re the individuals who will then proceed to promote the programs and specifically your classes to everyone they know! Which translates into your place in the timetable becoming even more popular among the members – and that’s great news for you!


What’s with the price?

We’re hearing that some folks are a little discouraged with the investment required to attend the Brisbane Super Workshop.

Unfortunately, hitting a price-point that everyone is happy with, is kind of like the concept of wearing a g-string leotard on the outside of your bike pants – it’s highly unlikely to happen again now!

The truth is, most Les Mills training events are highly subsidised, like super subsidised. Our training opportunities are not profit-generating events by any stretch of the imagination; but we run them because they’re integral for ensuring the quality of our instructors and to maintain the integrity of our world-class programs; and the Super Workshop in Brisbane is no different. To be blunt, the costs to put this event on are sky high with AV and venue hire and that’s even before adding in the costs to bring in our top-line international presenters and ambassadors.

Then, when you consider that the maximum number of people that this Workshop can accommodate is far fewer than the capacity of any Les Mills LIVE event, well it means the cost per head is all of a sudden higher than some of our other events!

Of course, none of this behind-the-scenes operational “stuff” is your concern, except when it comes to how it impacts on your bank statement. But here’s the thing: you’ll get awesome value from your investment. Because you’ll get to learn first-hand from some of the world’s best Les Mills presenters. Plus, you’ll get the inspiration, motivation, education and empowerment that will keep you loving your role in the world’s best industry, all year long and then some!

When you consider the return on your investment, it’s a no-brainer that when a Super Workshop is on your local shores, it’s going to be worth every single cent.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to support you.