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So you think you can’t dance?

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With the super cool music (I mean ballet + Ed Sheeran = my idea of heaven), awesome moves (trying to walk up stairs the next day was not fun) and that totally fun pirouette track (or as I like to call it the “try not to fall over track”), LES MILLS BARRE has landed in Australia and South East Asia.

The program has set itself the promise as being a modern version of classic balletic training; a workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength, and allow you to escape the everyday incorporating classic ballet positions, with modern music. This is all very well and good, especially if you’re a trained dancer, but what about the rest of us? What about those of us who can’t remember which way is left or right on a good day?

Carole from QLD declares straight up “you do not need to have done years of dancing to become a LES MILLS BARRE Instructor.”

Anna from NSW adds, “[Going into the LES MILLS BARRE module], I had a small amount of ballet experience from when I was young. However, I had not been near a barre for nearly 20-years. This meant a lot of the material [at the module] was new to me. I was learning about the positions, all the French names and how to execute the movements. So it was definitely a lot of new information. However the materials we were given in training gave me confidence in teaching this program. I knew that even though I hadn't mastered everything that weekend, I had the tools and support to learn what I needed to know over the next few weeks.”

Andy from the ACT mentioned that going into LES MILLS BARRE, she felt challenged, “I don’t have a dancer’s body, or trained turnout, but I learned the technical aspects of the moves in LES MILLS BARRE.  The moves in LES MILLS BARRE use so many different muscles and I liked how that difference felt in my body.” 

Anna says, “I love the way I feel while I'm teaching and practising. I love the feeling of joy that this program can create. Just quietly I love the way it makes my legs and butt look, and how much stronger my core feels.” In fact the strength in the core and legs comes from the fact that LES MILLS BARRE is done with light hand weights, and without the tradition bar for support, meaning the muscles supporting the body’s stability and strength become the focus of the workout. 

Andy supports, “I was nervous to try this program. The best thing you could go if you’re curious is be a little brave and have a go.”

“As someone who hadn't seen this program 3-months ago, who hadn't done ballet for 18-years, I promise it is achievable and really wonderful when you get to teach your first class,” says Anna.

Carole wraps up, “remember that LES MILLS BARRE is a group fitness class, inspired by ballet. Your role is not to teach your participants ‘pure’ ballet training, there are dance studios out there that do that really well if this is what they are looking for.”

So why not give it a go, grab your socks, your leotard (optional!) and head into a LES MILLS BARRE class or training near you. We’ll see you at the Barre!