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SMARTBAR Quickest Transition Challenge


SMARTBAR challenge - 'Les Mills SMARTBAR Quickest Transition Challenge'

Think you're pretty quick at changing your weights during class? Then we want you! If you can show us that you can change your weights the quickest, you will win a full SMART TECH suite (one in Australia and one in South East Asia). The SMART TECH suite includes the MBX mat, SMARTSTEP, SMARTBAND, and the NEW Gen 2.0 SMARTBAR and weight set (2 x 5kg, 2 x 2.5kg, 2 x 1kg plates).

SMARTBAR is proven to be effective in making weight transitions between workouts in class quicker and smoother, which is especially helpful in classes such as GRIT and BODYPUMP. The rest of the suite is pretty sweet too:

  • The MBX mat is dual purpose for both yoga (red side) and fitness (grey side) and easily folds in half for extra support when you’re working out on the floor
  • The SMARTSTEP features a multi-direction surface which improves underfoot grip while increasing back and hand comfort during bench work
  • When using the SMARTBAND, tension remains constant as the band gets longer. This helps to create a more consistent workout

The design of the Gen 2.0 SMARTBAR has been refined to make weight changes even smoother and easier than ever. The plates have also been tweaked to make them more comfortable to hold and in two new weight increments of 3.7kg and 7.5kg (not included in the prize). The Gen 2.0 weights are compatible with the original SMARTBAR.

Here is what you need to do to score this awesome prize:
1. The competition is open to anyone who has access to SMART TECH equipment. This can include instructors, gym members or staff. You will need: 1 x SMARTBAR (either the original SMARTBAR or SMARTBAR Gen 2.0), 2 x weight plates.

2. Film and time yourself performing three separate exercises with the SMARTBAR. The three exercises are 5 x dead rows (with the SMARTBAR), 5 x side raises (with the plates) and 5 x bicep curls (with the SMARTBAR).

3. RULES: you can only use 1 set of plates (you can choose the weight). Once you have completed the dead rows you need to take the plates off your bar to complete the side raises. Once you have completed the side raises you must reload the bar with the same plates to perform the bicep curls. We want you to showcase not only your speedy exercises, but also how quick you can load and unload the SMARTBAR! 

4. Upload the video via Facebook or Instagram (or both!), hashtag #lesmillssmartbar#quickesttransitionchallenge and tag @lesmillsasiapacific in the post. You also need to write the time it took you to complete. Please check your security settings on your social media account to ensure that we can view the video!

6. Entries close June 1, 2018 (**EXTENDED TO 30 JUNE, 2018**)  and we will get in touch with the winner via social media. Remember, the person who is quickest wins!

Good luck!