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RPM for the win

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For those who prefers to work out in a group, Les Mills is keen to share more about RPM program. Primarily designed for group indoor cycling workout, RPM is certainly a go-to-class for those who are up for any challenges. With high groove music hitting the floor, the members will be put in a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding.

Elite Fitness is one of the studios in Vietnam who couldn’t agree further that RPM has brought tremendous benefits to the members. According to Ethan Truong, a GroupX Training Manager of Elite Fitness, he shared that the members have always enjoyed the RPM class.

He added “RPM is not merely a group cycling class. It is a combination of great music and choreography which pushes one to be more motivated with the ride journey. In fact, RPM is easier as compared to cycling on a bike.”

Bringing back the memories in 2012, Ethan said that the classes were never once packed until the club decided to introduce RPM. And indeed, it is one of the best decisions that the club had ever made.

This year alone, Elite Fitness has experienced an increase of members sign-up which brings a total of 24,000 active members across all 8 clubs in Hanoi. Specifically, on RPM class, Ethan claimed that each class has an average of 15 – 17 members.

Head of Research at Les Mills, Bryce Hastings, says RPM is one of the safest ways to build fitness and push intensity. “All you have to do is jump on a bike and start spinning your legs,” he says. “Our studies show that good music and great instructors encourage people to not only push themselves to get fitter, but to continue coming back to the same class. That’s where solid fitness habits are formed.”

To find out more about getting RPM in your facility, please contact your Business Partnership Manager at your region