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Remember your first time?


Do YOU remember your first class?

Do you remember what your experience was like the first time you taught a group fitness class? Were you so scared you forgot the choreography? Were you excited, apprehensive or just nervous?

Some of our instructors here at the Les Mills Asia Pacific head office have shared their experience on the first time they taught a group fitness class, and yes, even we get nervous!

Julijana, Finance Officer - "My first class I taught was BODYATTACK at TEAM Fitness (ACT). I was so nervous about everything! I even got up an hour early to do a full dress-rehearsal at home before I drove to the class. It ended up going well, I was dying though. To this day I am still super nervous to teach at a new gym - not because I have to say and do clever things in front of a bunch of people I don't know, it's because I have a crippling fear that I wont be able to work the mic or stereo!"

Jasmine, Tribe Recruiter - "The first class I taught was GRIT at Elite Physique (ACT). I had butterflies all morning and had trouble focusing on the present as I knew what was ahead of me! However, the class ended up going really well and I felt very relieved afterwards because I knew I'd only get better from here. I'm so glad I did it because it challenged me and I definitely grew from the experience."

Brent, Regional Account Manager - "My first class was BODYCOMBAT at Springwood Aquatic Centre (VIC). I was so nervous – it was the 9.15am mum's! It must've gone well though because shortly after it became my permanent class. Tension and stress was the only thing holding me together before and during the class, but my mentor's smile afterwards showed me that I did a great job. It was a great feeling."

Marie, Marketing Communications Manager - "My first class I ever taught was BODYATTACK at North Sydney Fitness First (NSW) – it was a cover. I was wetting myself with nerves from the moment I knew I got the cover. I remember thinking – if this is the feeling before every class I am not going to last in this business long! However I think it went pretty well, all I remember was the class went by super-fast. I felt so much relief afterwards!"

Do any of these experiences sound familiar? Share with us your thoughts and experiences on teaching your first group fitness class!


Searching for your first class? Maybe more classes? The Les Mills Jobs Board can help. You can post an ad searching for classes in your area and clubs can post ads looking for instructors. Access the Jobs Board by logging in to and find the Jobs Board link under MY DETAILS.