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Why you SHOULD go to other Instructors classes

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As an instructor yourself it can be hard to motivate yourself to participate in other classes. Why go back to the gym in your spare time when you have already spent all week teaching your own classes? Believe it or not there are some very valid reasons as to why you should in fact spare an hour or so each week attending other classes:

Steal coaching tips
Why reinvent the wheel? If there is a crazy-good coaching cue that is landing like nobody’s business – take it (Les Mills doesn’t condone stealing – but this one is for the greater good!).

Feel what a participant would feel (hear what a participant would hear!)
Put yourself in your participant’s shoes. By attending other Instructors classes you'll experience first-hand how attendees feel and hear a class. Understand how the music and the instructors voice sounds through the stereo system from the perspective of a member (which could be vastly different to how you yourself hear music and your voice on stage). This could prompt you to make music and mic adjustments in your future classes.

Support your Tr1be
Whether it’s your very first class teaching or your millionth – it’s always nice to have a friendly (understanding!) face in the crowd. Who doesn’t like to silently eyeball someone in the know when you’ve made a chorey mistake, when you ask a question, when you make a lame joke and know they will support you!

Find a new love
Of a program of course. You never know, you may fall in love with SPRINT when you swore you would never like a cycle class. Maybe you'll fall in love with the Instructor's style, or the class itself, but whatever it is, going along to different classes may actually open your eyes to a new style of exercise or program that you will love.

Do you make a point of attending other classes?