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by Katriyn Ann


This new course has been designed to help you find your strengths as an Instructor and discover a whole range of ideas to grow your teaching. You will learn how to fill your classes and have longevity in teaching as the kind of Instructor you want to be. You will learn how to become a Group Fitness leader, how to be grounded in the essence of your program, and how to enhance the workout experience for your participants.

Advanced Training is not just a two-day workshop. Whether you’ve been teaching for six months or 25 years, Advanced Training is the key to breaking through to your next stage in Instructor excellence. You will not only improve your teaching but also gain skills that will positively impact your life outside of fitness.

And of course, don’t just take our word for it - here’s what some of our instructors say about Advanced Training after completing it recently.


Completely refreshing from what all past AIMs have been! This is such an exciting new path Les Mills is taking and I applaud these brave steps to help us instructors in our journey!

- Charmaine Magness, BODYBALANCE® instructor, Australia -


Warm, inspiring and nurturing guidance along a personal journey. I’m so blessed to have been among the very first batch to undergo the new Advanced Training for Les Mills BODYJAM. I strongly urge all Jammers to go for this personal, inspirational and life-changing experience. Thank you to Arnold and Riyo for guiding us along finding the answers within ourselves. Special thanks to all BODYBALANCE and BODYJAM batch mates for teaching me so much from sharing their love and magic.

- Arvin Robles, BODYJAM® instructor, Hong Kong -


A personal, career-shifting, confidence-building, simply incredible experience :)

- Rachel Finch, BODYPUMP® instructor -


This was by far the best advanced module I’ve done, the content aligned with my own approach to fitness.

- Sue Quartermaine, RPM™ instructor -


I’m still finding the right words to describe what I have learnt from this training. It was a very interesting module. To me, it is more like a journey of self-discovery. You discover your own values, your own ways to teach a class and your own way to enjoy teaching. Generally, I felt like I was more connected to the classes I taught this week. I feel like I am also able to enjoy myself more on stage. That’s something really amazing! Can’t wait to discover more along my teaching journey. ????

Thank you to our awesome trainers too!

- Gwen Chua, BODYBALANCE® instructor, Malaysia -


After 2 days, I almost feel like we were boarding in a viva gym, we finally completed the training. Indeed a big eye opening and soul searching journey for me, and for all of us. Thank you Riyo and Angki.

- Corina Yong Siaw Peng, BODYBALANCE® instructor, Malaysia -


Very soul searching and cementing what I do and why I do it.

- Jade Szann, RPM™ instructor -


Extremely useful, very informative, practical and easy to follow and has provided me many suggestions on how I can deliver BODYPUMP to provide an awesome experience for all. Pete was so accommodating, knowledgeable, and professional. Delivered the course allowing for comments and interaction, very respectful and accepting. Job well done!!!

- Bernadette Parnis, BODYPUMP® instructor -


Mind-shifting, unique, full of promise, growth, opportunity, self-discovery and fun.

- Vivienne Buttigieg, BODYPUMP® instructor, Australia -


Peter was a magnificent trainer - strong, knowledgeable and also compassionate. He was able to help us identify areas that we are looking to develop - he made us feel like we were in control but also provided us with guidance when we required it. Please pass on my sincere gratitude to him. I have already applied the teachings and it has made an immediate impact. I have been teaching for two years and for some reason, couldn't connect with the members before class on a Wednesday evening. Tonight, I engaged them and their faces transformed. Proof of concept.

- Sam Barrett, BODYPUMP® instructor, Australia -


The new advanced training module allowed me to revitalise my instructing and find purpose, teaching from my 'why', and to grow organically as an instructor teaching within the essence of my program.

- Ari, BODYPUMP® instructor, Australia -


Advanced Training opens up one's mind to explore our own answers. Riyo's coaching methods to help us get there to find our own improvement really earns huge respect. Such an awesome Fitness Leader and Coach.

- Michelle Fong, BODYBALANCE® instructor, Malaysia -


I have been teaching now for over 10 years, but this weekend has fundamentally changed the way I teach.  We REALLY experienced what it felt like to be fitness leader and not just 'instruct'.

We dug through the limiting beliefs that have been holding us back in our teaching and found our 'true why'.  This has allowed me a much deeper REAL connection with the people in my classes. 

- Rebekah, BODYPUMP® instructor, Australia -