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Les Mills Tribe +1

by Katriyn Ann


How did you prepare for your trip?
Errrmmm nothing much, just threw in all my Reebok gears (shout out to Reebok) and of course, a good winter jacket! *breezy*


How were your feelings nearing the date of filming?
I started getting really excited two days before leaving! And I wasn’t finished packing yet. Ugh! I also went with my partner, Lilian Chong. Filming is such an amazing experience that I just had to share it with her.


When you arrived in New Zealand, what were your initial thoughts?


 I was feeling a little bummed as I wasn’t able to attend any of the rehearsal classes for BODYCOMBAT and RPM. However, I was super  stoked when I was able to attend the BODYPUMP rehearsal the next day! OH – I was also wondering where I could find good coffee and grub!


What did you do in New Zealand besides attend filming?
I took this opportunity to de-stress! The most important priority was attending classes in the Les Mills gym, the filming event and catching up with old friends in Auckland, New Zealand.  We also devoured loads of good coffee, pastries, ice cream and food (salivates)


How was the New Les Mills Studio?


It was mind blowing, especially the new Cycle, Boxing and Functional studios! You have to be there to see and experience them for yourself! CHILLS, LITERALLY CHILLS!



Watching Lilian teach RPM with Sarah O and Tommi Wong in the new stunning cycle studio and when Rachael invited me to shadow her during her Wednesday BODYCOMBAT class in Studio 1! (I LITERALLY EXPLODED IN EXCITEMENT).


How was it like experiencing a new release without any teasers or spoilers? 
Definitely a different experience especially for BODYCOMBAT and RPM as the whole release was entirely new for us on the filming day itself.  So many WOW ???? moments especially when the music and moves are integrated. We got to experience this for the first time in such an unbelievable environment surrounded by everyone in unity. It’s something I will remember for a long time to come.


What was the atmosphere like before and after filming rehearsals? 
The only rehearsal class that we managed to attend was for BODYPUMP.  Before the class, there were lots of people queueing and waiting for the previous class to finish, and many international participants. After the rehearsal, lots of participants grabbed the opportunity for a wefie / picture with the presenting team. Good vibes all around!


What was it like being a participant at the filming? 

I felt like a Les Mills newbie - the excitement, the love and passion for the programs – it’s still the same or maybe even stronger than when we first started our journey as a participant. 


Did you meet your friends or new people at filming? 

Oh yes, met some friends from back home, some friends from OZ land and made some new friends in Auckland itself. Les Mills truly brings people together.  


Did you manage to meet/talk to any of the presenters?

We managed to say hi to Glen Ostergaard, Dee Tjeong, Rachael Newsham, Caley Jack, Marlon Woods, and Kylie Gates. My heroes!


How did Les Mills Asia Pacific – Tribe +1 help you achieve your experience? 
They made it so easy for me as my flights, accommodation, filming tickets and even my Les Mills gym pass were all prepped by LMAP, huge thanks to Evelyn Low (our sweet Marketing Manager here at Les Mills Asia Pacific) for all the arrangements!


Why should everyone attend filming at least once in their lives? 
If you truly love Les Mills and everything they stand for, is this even a question? You NEED to go for this!


Would you go back for another filming?  
Yes! I am starting to save up for the filming of BODYCOMBAT 100! The celebration of 100 BODYCOMBAT releases!


From your experience of attending Les Mills Live and 3 Les Mills Filmings, could you tell us what's the difference between a Les Mills Live event and a Les Mills Filming? 
Les Mills Live event is definitely bigger in volume with larger presenting teams. It is also more of a push “play and go” class where there are no breaks in between tracks (unless scheduled by presenting team).

In Les Mills Filmings, you will be able to experience and appreciate the blood, sweat and detailing that comes with any filming event, from the placement of participants to enjoying some bloopers that will only be yours to keep and cherish if you are there in person.


Are you excited about the coming filming in Sydney? Will you be attending?  
Unfortunately, before we could decide on this trip, the tickets for our favourite programs already sold out BUT this only means many others will get a chance to experience the true magic of Les Mills International. ONE TRIBE!


On that note, have you purchased your Sydney Filming tickets? If you have not, what are you waiting for? If you have, see you there mates!

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