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New Instructor Training Format: what you need to know


Instructor greatness is at the core of our business – methods to further elevate Les Mills instructors as leaders in the industry are in constant development:We also know that great instructors attract and retain your members.

3-day Instructor Training is another step toward Instructor Greatness (from the current 2-day model). Not only does this additional day offer more valuable face-to-face time with the Les Mills Trainer team, but once they have successfully passed Day-3, they walk away a fully Certified Les Mills Instructor and ready take on classes in your facility. As a business, this is what you need to know with the imminent format change:


Day-3 of the Training takes place 8-weeks after the first 2-days. Day-3 is Certification day where upon successful completion (ie Pass) Instructors walk away fully qualified.

Therefore when planning the launch of a new program in your business or recruiting new instructors, please note that Instructors are not qualified to teach solo until a successful outcome on Day-3. With this in mind – please consider this 8-week timing in your business plans.


As stated above during the 8-week period after days 1 and 2 this Instructor is notqualified and therefore cannot teach classes alone. They can (and should be) Team Teaching and/or Shadowing with another Certified Les Mills Instructor (Mentor) at your facility in preparation for Certification day.

We provide Instructors with an 8-week Road Map to follow in the lead up to Certification Day. This Road Map outlines recommended activities from week-to-week to ensure they are practicing the skills required in order to Certify. The Road Map is ideally completed with a Mentor, but also considers those that don’t have access to a Mentor.

The tasks included in the Road Map are designed to develop skilled and engaging instructors for your business. Skills such as intelligent Coaching where instructors will learn how to push and educate existing members, as well as the ability to care for new-members to make them feel successful.

Reminder: Endorsement

In order for aspiring Instructors to even register for an Initial Module Training in any Les Mills program they must gain endorsement from a licensed facility. This is so the Trainee has the opportunity to practice and perfect their instructing style in preparation for day-3. Endorsement is completely voluntary from your end however the benefits of endorsement include building your Instructor base and is a way of trailing a potential Instructor.

For further information on Instructor Training please contact the Instructor Specialist team on 02 6282 8192 for Australia and +60 3 2720 8600 for South East Asia