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Mum’s talk Les Mills

by Marie Anagnostis

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“I wanted Rach to train in BODYBALANCE so she could do my covers for me when I went away”.  

Best. Answer. Ever.   

Katrina and Rachel were just one of our Mother-daughter instructor duos we quizzed in the lead up to Mother’s Day (don’t panic – it’s not until 12 May). Actually, Rachel’s introduction to group fitness is quite sweet: as a 10 year old she used to practice BODYSTEP with her mum in the lounge room – instead of using a step, Rachel would use a towel.  

Fast forward to 2013 and Rachel became an instructor herself in BODYBALANCE, BODYATTACK, BODYPUMP and LES MILLS GRIT (not to mention a Group Fitness Manager at Sydney Uni Sport).  

Just like Katrina and Rachel, Kylie and Arielle (VIC) are another Mother-daughter duo – with Arielle participating in her Mum’s RPM class since she was 12 “mainly just to spend time with her and get fitter”.  


5 years later and Arielle is an RPM instructor, and most recently a BODYPUMP instructor. Kylie is nothing short of proud of her daughter: “the first time Arielle taught a class on her own I was hiding outside the studio doors…I cried I was so proud”.  

Arielle – did you know this?  

While the 4 Craig boys may not (yet) be instructors, they love to get to their Mum’s (Louise) classes…usually: “she made us come to SPRINT on Christmas Eve” – Nathan (12 years old): “I would really like to do [BODYPUMP] when I'm older. One of my teachers comes to Mum’s [BODYPUMP]. When I was in his class next time he said that ‘no one was to mess with Nathan because his mum’s muscles were bigger than his’ it made me giggle so much. The whole class laughed out loud. My mum is super strong".  

The common theme when it comes to the family of Les Mills instructors is the sense of pride – with all 4 Craig boys (Benjamin 16 years old, Elliot 14, Nathan 12 and Zach 10) saying they were proud of their Mum when they see her on the stage. Nathan says: “I feel really proud and motivated to do something impressive. I really feel inspired by how much effort mum puts into her work because she is a terrific instructor. I also feel mum has taught us to do a job we love because she loves hers – love you mum".  

And look, Elliot is proud of you too…but…do you have to listen to your music “over and over again?” [for the record – he does understand that you are learning 5 programs. Bless] 

And Louise – in case you ever doubt your boys’ dedication for you: Benjamin regularly goes to your 6am GRIT CARDIO on a Friday.  

That. Is. Love.  

P.S. Louise had left her kids to answer the questions provided to them for the purpose of this article – she says:  

Oh wow, I left the boys to write these on their own…it is heartwarming and humbling to hear them say how proud of me they are. I hope I am teaching them that fitness is important and fun.  

Josie – a regular participant of her son David’s classes says she is so pleased that he found something that he loved and says that “it has [also] given me an interest and love for something I have never had before”. David says that having his mum in his class makes him nervous “but when she told me she was proud of me that was one of the best moments ever”.  

Question for Mum: “does David ever pick on you when you are in his class?”  

“It was funny in the beginning when I first started I could tell some of his coaching was aimed towards me which makes me laugh! [But] his subtle hints have helped me learn so much!”  

David, who teaches 5 programs across Fitness First, Goodlife and PARC (VIC) has a regular rotation of Les Mills music piped throughout the household “I actually think mum loves the music more than me!”  

“Out of all his programs though I cannot love BODYPUMP more and everytime David changes his playlist I always ask what the squat track is!”  

“Les Mills is part of our family now”.  

To Katrina, Kylie, Louise, Josie and all the other Mums, Dads who are Mums and Mother figures out there, from us to you: Have a Magical Mother’s Day xxx