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“I once punched myself in the face during BODYCOMBAT® and had to teach the rest of the class with tissue hanging out of each nostril. Told the class that I bleeeed for them!” Denice Burr

“One of the most memorable moments I had was covering a BODYPUMP® class at a centre I wasn’t overly familiar with at the time. Guy casually walks in with his guide dog and gets set up. I go and have a chat with him, thinking about how differently I’d need to coach etc. Turns out he’s a regular and smashed the workout. Made even sweeter by the fact the dog was as good as gold, settled down by my bench and occasionally wanted a bit of a fuss!” Robert Harvey

“Teaching RPM®, a member jumped off his bike, ran to the mirror, started having a word with himself, ‘You’re better than this! You can do this! COME ON’ then jumped back on his bike like nothing had happened!” Katy Sullivan

“Teaching BODYBALANCE® when 2 baby mice run out into the studio and proceed to do circuits whilst class is on. Majority of class think sweet so tolerate...  Class goes deadly silent, members looking at me weirdly when I’m in supine twist one says, ‘Er, you may not want to roll over’. I glance to the other side and a small baby mouse has taken the option of sitting below my bum.” Alison Beadle

“One of the most memorable for me was when I covered a class at a gym I hadn’t taught at before. A lady came to class who had been born with a forearm missing. Her dad had made her a special strap for her prosthetic so she could hold the pump weights. She did the whole class with great technique and was just so inspiring.” Gaynor Rowe

 “Before getting on the UK TAP [Trainer And Presenter] team, I was teaching BODYATTACK® and Rachael Newsham came in to take part - I got track 3 wrong!” Claire Place

“The power was down in the studio so no music or microphone possible. The front desk took my iPad and played the music loud on the main gym floor. We opened the doors of the studio so we could hear it and I delivered the BODYPUMP® class but... no breaks between tracks at all! So I was explaining the weights for the next track at the end of the previous one the swapping out as fast as we could, then going again. 45-minute class condensed to 40! We were all in bits at the end but everyone kind of enjoyed the challenge.” Mark McDermott

 One of my participants in RPM® used to always wear short shorts... one class I glanced over and noticed his "bits" hanging out... quick thinking I added a couple of climbs in the hope they slipped back in. No such luck so I just had to tell him "George, put the boys back in the barracks please!" Kelly Hopkins

“Just before Christmas we had a member PROPOSE during Track 8 of BODYATTACK®!” Kristian Paul Turner

 “Teaching BODYPUMP® in northwest Baltimore County one Sunday morning, we were on the Back Track and noticed a woman with tears running down her cheeks. It was a motivational song and I figured the words were touching her heart. I immediately went to my most emotionally strong Layer 3 cues on how you can push through the toughest obstacles in life through the same hard work and effort you give in this class, etc. etc. After the track was over, I discreetly covered my mic and walked over to her and whispered closely, “Are you okay?” Thought she was about to tell me some deep dark secret. Her reply? “Everything’s fine except that when I did that first Clean and Press, I nailed myself in the nose and my eyes wouldn’t stop tearing!” Proof, you think you know but you have no idea!” Bruce Raffel