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2018 is finally here! We could not be more excited to share with you what 2018 has in-store for South East Asia. As you may know, we launched the new 3-day Initial Module Training (IMT) early January this year and have garnered positive responses so far. This month, we also launched the Les Mills Releases App which is a great additional tool for our Instructors to learn their latest release content on the go with the ability to stream videos and music straight to their smart device. Feedback is the breakfast of the champions, so please drop us a note at if you have feedback on these 2 new initiatives.

We’re also excited to announce the biggest fitness event party of the year in Singapore. Get your tickets here to Reebok Les Mills Live Singapore on the 7 April. You can experience the latest fitness workouts presented by our best international and local Presenters including Program Directors Rachael Newsham, Gandalf Archer and local favourite Reagan Kang.

Finally, for clubs keen to differentiate in a highly competitive environment, LES MILLS BARRE provides the complete boutique solution – scientifically backed programming, modern music, proven instructor training, implementation support and a wealth of marketing assets. This makes it easy for you to extend your club’s timetable, appeal to the growing millennial market, and entice a new demographic into the group fitness studio. Be sure to look out for our LES MILLS BARRE Seminars and Workshops coming in your area soon. This latest addition will also be featured at the Reebok Les Mills Live event.

See you in Singapore!

Hylton Drake

General Manager SEA