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Instructor Greatness: Meet the team to take you there


Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) is committed to the continued development of Instructors with the ultimate goal of achieving Instructor Greatness. To achieve this goal, LMAP has appointed Amanda Breen in the newly created position of the Director of People and Culture: this role is responsible for driving organisational development.

About Amanda

You may have already met Amanda who is one of LMAPs most senior Trainers and Presenters. She has been part of the team since 2005 facilitating countless RPM, SPRINT and BODYJAM modules as well as Quarterly Workshops throughout Australia and South East Asia. Her acumen extends to her “other life” as an Organisational Development and Management Consultant. Her experience in driving organisational change, leadership development and growth of organisations through people development has perfectly dovetailed her two “lives” in to her current role at LMAP. “For me, this role brings together my personal and professional passions and strengths. It combines my passion for Les Mills and the fitness industry with my passion and experience in transforming organisations through people development, leadership development and creating high performing teams”.

(High knee) Runs on the board

It has been a productive few months since Amanda commenced her position at LMAP. One game-changing initiative that will be ready for release in 2018 is 3-day Initial Module Training (a move from the current 2-day model) with day-3 being Certification and up-skill. This global first will provide a more structured, supported journey for Instructors so they are skilled and confident in delivering great classes, sooner.

UPDATED: Trainer & Presenter team structure

To realise the goal of Instructor Greatness, achieving Trainer and Presenter Greatness was the logical first step; after all it’s the Trainer and Presenter team on the coalface that educate and present material to Instructors. Amanda has since fine-tuned the structure of the team and created new positions with an end-game of providing better Module Training and Quarterly Workshop experiences.

This re-organisation has seen the former Head Program Coach (HPC) role split in to two:

  1. Presenter and Performance Coach (PPC): primary focus on developing the Presenters in the team
  2. Head Trainers: primary focus on developing the Trainers in the team

Instructor Greatness Specialist

The final piece of the puzzle is the appointment of an Instructor Greatness Specialist: Alani Mala. While words won’t do justice to describe Alani’s presence – his presentations are a must at Quarterly Workshop time – the experience and expertise he brings to the table are arguably the most renowned in the country. Alani’s brief is to provide coaching and development to the PPCs and senior Presenters so what you experience at Quarterly Workshops is the ultimate role-model performance from your LMAP Presenter team.

2018 and beyond

We welcome your constructive Module and Workshop feedback as these changes are implemented. LMAP is committed to continuous improvement and we are excited to deliver an enhanced educational and inspiring experience to our TR1BE of Instructors. Stay tuned over the coming months as we introduce your Presenter and Head Trainer teams.

Your Head Trainer team at a glance

Australia: Jako Misic and Dee McNeil

South East Asia: Arnold Warren and TBC.

Your PPC team at a glance

BODYBALANCE: Inge Gnatt (Australia), Riyo Fukunaga (South East Asia)

BODYATTACK: Steve Cluff (Australia & SEA)

BODYCOMBAT: Andre Yunes Gularte (Australia & SEA – Excluding Vietnam and Thailand)

BODYCOMBAT: Jon Chew (Vietnam & Thailand)

BODYJAM & SH’BAM: Johnny Pawliw (Australia), Arnold Warren (SEA)

BODYPUMP: Karen Russell (Australia), Rue She (SEA)

BODYSTEP: Chris Hutton (Australia) Teoh Yee Sin (SEA) 

CXWORX: Rachael Ayre (Australia & SEA)

RPM: Lee Smith (Australia), Lillian Chong (SEA)

SPRINT: Dallas Blacklaw (Australia & SEA)

GRIT: Dallas Blacklaw (Australia), Reagan Kang (SEA)

LES MILLS TONE: Shelley Townsend (Australia & SEA)

LES MILLS BARRE: Inge Gnatt (Australia & SEA)