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LMOD: why your classes will soon be in demand!

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The anticipated Les Mills on Demand (LMOD) finally hit the shores of Australia (and soon to be parts of south east Asia). LMOD allows users to participate in Les Mills classes at home, anytime. The monthly subscription fee is negligible with a free sign-on period for users to experience the convenience of working out when they can’t get to their gym. Statistics show that 82% of gym goers workout at home anyway – so it made sense to provide a solution to them (and to businesses) that promotes the in-club Les Mills offering. We’re also secretly loving the LMOD only content that includes beginner tutorials for each program, guided meditation and exclusive program formats such as BODYPUMP – upper body.


As Instructors it’s perhaps counter-intuitive to think that an at-home workout can benefit our live classes. But it can. Think of it like this: compare going to a live concert versus listening to your favourite artist on Spotify. It’s still good, but not as good. Nothing beats being there, in the moment and atmosphere, surrounded by others who are passionate about the same thing (and of course in classes with the best Instructor guiding them!). Here’s how LMOD will drive people to our classes and keep them there: 

LMOD will attract new members

LMOD promotes live classes by exposing Les Mills programs to those that might have never considered group fitness or were too afraid to step in to a live class. LMOD builds the confidence of members (and potential members) before seeking out live classes.

LMOD will heighten and maintain engagement of your existing participants

With LMOD, participants can supplement their live workouts when they can’t get to their favourite class – this means they can maintain their exercise regime and stay in the habit of training regularly. Being able to maintain their weekly schedule means your members will see results from their regime and stay more engaged with their fitness goals.

Instructors! You get a special LMOD price - click here to sign up for your free trial: