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Let’s be honest, hearing that Les Mills is offering their classes online has not welcomed by all of us. Some of us Instructors may view online products as a threat to our classes, fearing that it will encourage our members to ditch our live classes and work out at home instead. 

This is a perfectly valid fear. However, like most things in life, the fear does not represent the reality! LES MILLS On Demand (LMOD) has not been designed to cannibalise live classes, but rather to introduce a wider group of people to Les Mills Group Fitness. It helps your members to stay connected to the workouts when they are unable to make a class. It also enables those who may suffer from “gymtimidation” to try the workout in a safe space - and increase the likelihood of those people transitioning to your live class experience. In other words, this product is designed to FILL your classes, rather than steal your members away. 

We must acknowledge that we live in an age of choice. In 2018, we expect to be able to order our transport, food, and even our dates at the touch of a button! If we wish to succeed in our mission to get as many people to fall in love with fitness as possible, then offering our classes in an online format has to be a part of that mission. And, as Group Fitness leaders, isn’t that ultimately what we all want? To help others to become the fittest and healthiest they can be? 

Being Les Mills Instructors, we want the workouts we do at home to support everything we do in the studio. So, how can doing LMOD help us as Instructors? 

  1. Balance out your own training 
    The reality of Instructing is that we often have very little time to attend other Instructors’ classes, or go to the gym when we’re not teaching. The beauty of LES MILLS On Demand is that you now have access to a whole lot of other programs, allowing you to cross-train and achieve balance in your workout schedule. 

  2. Try out a new program, and get fit to teach 
    Keen to pick up a new program but not sure which one? You can try it out on LES MILLS On Demand first and familiarise yourself with the moves and coaching before attending Initial Module Training. 

  3. Learn from different Presenters 
    Watching Presenters teaching different programs can provide you with new cues and ways of instructing that you can try out in your own classes to keep your teaching fresh. 

  4. Stream 800+ online workouts anytime, anywhere 
    “I have always been a fan of Les Mills classes and have done them for years back in Australia. When I moved away, doing Les Mills helped me still feel connected to home; the Instructors felt like family and helped me to cope with the more trying times of settling in in a new country. Other than that, I loved LMOD for the fact that it had lots of Les Mills classes available to me, whereas the gym that I belonged to did not. For example, I love RPM, but my gym doesn't offer it. So that means I can do it on my own, whenever I have the time! Convenience is another thing I love about LMOD, I can do it whenever I have spare time.” 

Alexandra Coutinho, LES MILLS SPRINT Coach, Sweden 

* Nielsen: Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey (2013)