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by Les Mills Asia Pacific


Les Mills is proudly committed to creating the best group fitness experience for your members so they can achieve the results they want. As you know, we launch new Quarterly Releases for every Les Mills Program, to ensure you and your club’s timetable stay fresh. And for 50+ years, Les Mills has been committed to investing time and resources to ensure our Quarterly Releases are second-to-none.

Protection works in your favour

Les Mills Asia Pacific is vigilant in protecting the intellectual property materials that we receive from Les Mills International. To put simply, ensuring the music and moves from all Releases are not directly shared with other Instructors, friends, family or any other person in any manner, serves to guarantee that your members will have the best experience when they attend in-person classes and get to work out to fresh new tunes.

Unauthorised activity

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that there may be individuals who create and/or directly share content online that includes music from the new Releases. We strongly recommend that you do not engage with or directly share content from these third parties, who do not adhere to the regulations that are very clearly stipulated and in place to protect everybody’s best interests. We recommend this because engaging or directly sharing their content can create a false or misleading impression that such individuals and their actions/services are approved and/or licensed by Les Mills or Les Mills Asia Pacific (which is not the case). We appreciate your ongoing professionalism and adherence in this matter, as doing so will avoid any action we may be compelled to take, albeit reluctantly.

Please also remember that sharing Digital Release Kits with others is also not permitted. If you wish to report accounts where content is being used in an unauthorised way, you can do so via

For helpful tips to using social media, please refer to our Social Media Guide for Instructors, or if you have any questions, please reach out to

Thank you once again for the wonderful job you continue to do, to help members fall in love with fitness.