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Les Mills Releases App

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The Les Mills Releases App is not only a useful one-stop-shop storing your music, chorey notes and masterclass in one place, but it’s also home to an ever expanding collection of education – both program specific and generic. “Can high intensity exercise be enjoyable?” Um yes we will definitely be watching that education for the verdict. 

Educated anytime

Unlike previous quarters where your education dropped at the same time as your quarterly releases – with the App education is available as soon as it’s ready; so you could find new education in your App on any given day at any given time.

Quick fix

The beauty of this format of education them is that they are available as video clips of various durations: got 4m 26sec? Get a quick fix on the Mastery of Layer 2 Coaching. Need notes? No problem – each video has a transcript for later reference.


As soon as you open the App, scroll down and you will see Recommended Education, or hit the Education icon at the bottom of your screen and you will find the education catalogued under your specific programs.

Message to the not-so-appy

The above education is only available via the App – so even if you don’t choose to learn via the App, we do encourage you to download the Les Mills Releases App simply for the education.

The App is designed to be an Education tool in any case – so please continue downloading your music and notes as you previously have via the music portal (it is not recommended to teach the class direct from your App).

How do I download the App?

Simply go to the App Store (if you have an iphone) or the Play Store (for any other smart phone) and search for Les Mills Releases App. Once downloaded you will need to enter your Les Mills Customer ID and password and from there follow the prompts.

Have a play!

Now that we have some brain-space after cramming chorey (not that we would ever do that…) and pumping out launches, now is a great time to download the Les Mills Releases App and have a play. And if you get stuck your friendly Instructor Specialist team is happy to help you out.

Now how can High Intensity Training be fun???