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by Les Mills Asia Pacific


And in July 2021, the LES MILLS MBX Mat™ was named “Best Exercise Mat” by the Runner’s World Lab in the UK.


In their quest to find mats “that could take repeated beatings from hard-core home workouts”, Runners World assessed 18 of the best mats in the UK market, in terms of their grip, stability, comfort and durability. And of the seven top exercise mats identified, the LES MILLS MBX Mat™ ranked first, with expert reviewers stating:

“Purpose-built for versatility, this LES MILLS mat has a cushioned red side for yoga and a grippy grey side for higher impact activities. Its edges are weighty enough to make it instantly lie flat and there was no budging as we launched into a gruelling HIIT session. 

It showed no signs of wear and tear after weathering several dropped weights, and handy eyelets allow it to be hung up on the wall. It doesn’t roll up easily on account of its sturdy design, but that’s where our complaints end.” 

The MBX Mat is part of the LES MILLS’ SMART TECH range of premium fitness equipment, which includes the SMARTBAR®, SMARTSTEP® and SMARTBAND®.


Research* has shown that 35 per cent of group fitness users say equipment is a reason they choose to attend their current gym, which is why SMART TECH has been engineered for high-volume use, and to enhance the workout experience so people get better results, faster. This is achieved by increasing muscle activation, maximising workout efficiency and burning calories faster – all of which is ideal because the better the members’ experience, the longer they’ll stay, and the more often they’ll refer their friends.

To learn more about the LES MILLS MBX Mat watch a video here. To learn more about the SMART TECH range of premium equipment click here. Or to discuss how SMART TECH can enhance your club, facility or classes, speak with your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.

*2019 Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey