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February is the month of love – a time for Valentine's Day and remembering love. We speak to 3 amazing power couples in the Les Mills Tribe on celebrating love, romance and appreciation. Happy reading!

THAILAND: Taweechai Churat (AUM) AND Anchalee Hengsakulwong (KIB)

Meet Aum and Kib, university mates turned BODYJAM instructors. They will make you believe in love again. These best friends have been together for 10 years!

Becoming a Les Mills instructor combined the two things they loved the most; music and group fitness. They enjoy making people smile during their classes, as it fuels their passion.

“He’s my best friend” – Kib

Aum - “She’s so perfect for me”

Aum and Kib are literally quite the most adorable social media couple. They even have their own signature poses and hashtags!


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1.      What’s your biggest pet peeve of your partner?

Aum: I’m very afraid of geckos and one time she sent a picture of it to me at midnight!  I couldn’t go back to sleep after that! Thanks Kib

Kib: He likes to fart under the blankets! I can’t breathe *insert vomit emoji*

2.      Describe your relationship using a movie title.

Fantastic Beasts. We don’t work in the same place but we have the same job and passion.

3.      What living celebrity does your partner have a huge crush on?

Aum : KEANU REEVES! She admires the way he carries himself in life.

Kib :  Mariah Carey. He sings along to all her songs!

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MALAYSIA: Chua Kai Woon (GWEN) AND Goh Shu Siong (SMITH)


From team mates to fiances. Yes, they’ve been recently engaged! Congratulations to them! Gwen and Smith first met each other at the obstacle event, Warrior Madness in 2015. Both Gwen and Smith are trained instructors in GRIT. Additional to that, Gwen teaches BODYATTACK and TONE while Smith teaches BODYPUMP.


The couple has made Les Mills part of their daily lives, they have even practised a little BODYPUMP choreography in the car together while waiting at the traffic light. Now, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is! They’ve always made it a point to attend Les Mills classes while they’re overseas and meet other Les Mills instructors.  #couplegoals

She is a kind soul. She respects the elderly and loves kids”

“He is a very family-oriented man. Which I admire the most.”

Their ideal date? Reaching the 3-year mark in their relationship, Gwen and Smith spend their time discovering new cuisines, catching the latest movies and soothing massages.

Their motto,

Simple dates are the best dates!

Since their time together, they’ve learned to accommodate each other’s needs while never losing themselves in the process, remembering why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

What’s your biggest pet peeve of your partner?

Smith: Long shower time. She often tells me she is going to shower, one hour later, she is still in the same spot, with the same clothes on . (Boyfriends, can you relate to this same situation?)

Gwen: He is not spontaneous. He can’t take last minute changes. Everything has to be arranged in advance.  

Describe your relationship using a movie title.

Beauty and the Beast! You can probably tell who is who.

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What living celebrity does your partner have a huge crush on?

Smith: Zac Efron!

Gwen: Will Smith! That’s why his nickname is Smith.

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“Communication plays an important role in a relationship. Share, listen and hear what your partner is saying. If we happen to fight, we have a mutual agreement to settle it before we go to bed, and never mention it again.”


Kevin and Jason met as group fitness members and eventually became instructors, trained in BODYATTACK and BODYPUMP respectively. “Les Mills literally brought us together, and we’re grateful!” said Kevin.

They’ve been together for over 8 years, and their ideal date night is being home with their #adorable dogs, a glass or two of wine and pizza. Give us a better trio of activities, we’ll wait.

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Kevin and Jason’s genuine enthusiasm towards life mirror each other’s attitude towards life. They describe their relationship as an adventure of a lifetime.

“Kevin is kind hearted”

“Jason is caring and sweet”


1.      What’s your biggest pet peeve of your partner?

Jason doesn’t talk much while Kevin talks too much!  

2.      Describe your relationship using a movie title.

Up by Pixar.

3.      What living celebrity does your partner have a huge crush on?

We both love Zac Efron.

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“Our pride and ego can cloud our judgment. We have to communicate with our partner, and think of what we actually want in life. Is it worth feeling angry and upset?”