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The Les Mills App is (nearly!) here

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Also known as Digital 3.0, the Les Mills App is (almost) ready for download from the App Store and Play Store.  From February 6 you will have access to the Les Mills App that will make learning, revising and storing your Quarterly Releases simpler than ever.

The App is an additional tool – not the only tool

The Les Mills App is designed to be an additional tool to the current system you use for downloading and learning your choreography – if you don’t wish to use the App, you don’t have to! It is simply an innovation for those that wish to have access to additional resources.


Even if you don’t use the App for downloading music and learning, we do encourage you to use it simply for the Education feature. This cool feature houses short Education videos (both generic and program specific) that are updated frequently – not just from quarter to quarter.  This means as soon as information and innovations come to hand you don’t have to wait for Quarterly Release time to receive this information.

Things are looking good!

In addition to the launch of the Les Mills App – your Digital Music Portal you are currently downloading your Resources will get a facelift: it will still work the same, it will simply have a fresh new look.

5 things you need to know:

  1. We strongly recommend you use the App for learning purposes only and continue using your current system for playing your music in classes
  2. The App will automatically load your purchased releases (no more than 8-releases back)
  3. You can download Releases from the App – they do not have to be streamed
  4. The first version of the App doesn’t have the functionality to mix releases
  5. The current Digital Music Portal at is still there :) 

Need help?

From February 6, download the App. Have a play! Still having issues? Ask your friendly Instructor Specialist team