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Launches that don’t cost a cent

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New release launches in clubs range from “don’t launch before this date” to a full blown event with club support.

When we refer to launching a new release we mean making an occasion of presenting a new release for the first time (or first week).

Why should I launch?

From a club perspective there are very real business benefits to launching new release – but for us as Instructors there is also a benefit to making an occasion of a launch, so let’s be real here: it’s a long 52-weeks of the year, classes week-in-week-out can blend in to each other. Making a big deal of launching a new release every 12-weeks, gives you (and your participants) a spike in motivation, interest and breaks up the year nicely.

Some clubs provide full-on launch budgets, many don’t. If your club falls in to the latter category here are 3-simple things you can do to create energy and make an occasion of a new release (that doesn’t cost a cent):

Tell them!

Easy! In the weeks leading up to a new release, build the anticipation simply by promoting the date in your class you will present the new release. NB. Saying “new release” may not mean a thing to many people in your class – give the term some background, for example “a new release means there will be new music and new moves that no-one has seen before” I like to add “bring your friends – we’re all in the same boat seeing the new release for the first time”. Go the next logical step and promote the launch date on your social pipes (here are some striking images and trailers to go with your posts).

Team teach

Another simple way to create an occasion is to team-teach. The change of energy is palatable, and when you vibe off another Instructor your class can tell and it’s a hell-off-a-lot more fun! Now to get someone to launch with me 6am Monday morning…hmmmmm.


Coordinate darling! Coordinate your outfit. Don’t have the same items? Wear the same colour. Anything to pull you together as a team. Apologies to those that team teach with me. I own black and faded black.

Heads up – Q2/2018

Launch event for Q2/2018? Here are your key dates:

  • Weekend #1: 16-17 June (SA, WA, QLD, BKK, VN, PH)
  • Weekend #2: 23-24 June (ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, JKK, KL, SG)
  • Music dispatch: 22 June (for those that attend Workshops), 26 June (for those that do not attend Workshops)