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Launch Etiquette

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Team teaching to launch a new release – it’s a beautiful thing. Makes an occasion of your regular class. Ramps up the energy in the room. You don’t have to learn a full release all at once (the views of this writer are not that of Les Mills Asia Pacific).

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive – my star sign is Cancer after all – but does anyone else experience angst over allocating tracks to the rest of the team?

If the launch is during your class, do you get dibs on the best tracks? Or because you have guest instructors (and are likely not even getting paid) do you give them the best tracks as a thank you? Is it ok for guest instructors to request tracks? It’s enough to make you just learn the whole-damn-thing yourself. Here is but one (emotional) instructor’s opinion:

Yes, as the classes regular instructor you should get dibs on the best tracks, but not all of them. As an aside, you should do the introduction to the class if not the warm-up as well.

Is it ok for guest instructors to request specific tracks? It is – but be wary if you are the guest instructor of not asking for all the good tracks. I mean. Come on man. One of the joys of launching is teaching an absolute banger to your regulars for the first time.

While we’re on the subject of team teaches, in case you missed it, here are some nuggets previously published that are most relevant during launch time:

Team teaching

If you don’t have the mic, you are basically the Destiny’s Child to Beyonce. You may not outshine the person with the mic, so just be normal and do the chorey without flair (you’ll get your turn at being Beyonce). If Beyonce says you’re doing all the high impact, then you’re doing the high impact no argument. If Beyonce messes up, you mess up too.

New releases

If you have agreed to team-teach a launch – this is iron clad – YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE LAUNCH. The unspoken agreement and assumption is that each team member is only learning their allocated track, so not turning up, or changing your mind is not even a thing.

How do other less emotional instructors allocate launch tracks?