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The Joy of Cover Classes


Covers can be a tough gig, they always seem to be a good idea at the time. You inevitably cover everyone’s favourite instructor, complete with death stare from members as you walk in to the studio while remembering that you agreed to another 5-covers that week. Then it’s at a gym you have never taught at, and the stereo system looks like the control panel of space shuttle Atlantis, oh and we don’t have an iPhone 7 dongle and BYO batteries. Where is the mic kept, where is the light switch, how do I turn on the fans? Where are the time-sheets, I can’t find parking, the mic squeals if you stand right there and why don’t you teach extra tracks? THEN you have to teach the thing. It’s not all bad news, I actually think these 3-perks of a cover outweigh the aforementioned:

  1. You can use your same jokes and no-one has heard them
  2. The cues you use Every. Single. Week, seem so refreshing and meaningful
  3. You can teach the same chorey for longer.

Other perks?

This article originally appeared here and is republished with permission