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An interview with the beautiful Zatashah Idris

zatashah image
zatashah image

Today, society is slowly becoming more sedentary. The idea of working out sometimes may seem less appealing and difficult, as society is time poor and often juggling multiple priorities.

Hoping to defy the stereotype that working out is boring, Zatashah Idris has tried and tested several LES MILLS programs. But little did she know that she would fall in love with LES MILLS SH’BAM®, BODYJAM® and BODYATTACK®.

Zatashah is a real foodie who loves truffle fries from PS Café in Dempsey, Singapore, but she also understands the importance of staying fit and the impact fitness has on overall wellbeing, which is why she works out at least six times a week. Zatashah admires the passion and discipline that Malaysian athletes display and this same admiration and passion is what drives her to not give up, but to enjoy and have fun during workouts!

When asked about her diet, she claimed that “every day is a cheat day!”. Zatashah believes it’s all about balance - enjoy your favourite food but always find time to exercise.

Zatashah recently attended Reebok Les Mills Live in Singapore, and she was thrilled and excited to attend.

“The atmosphere was electrifying! I took the opportunity to check out BODYPUMP, GRIT, and participated in Les Mills BARRE, SH'BAM, BODYJAM and BODYCOMBAT. I was really happy to see Rach and Gandalf on stage together with awesome presenters like Arnold, Uchop, Ken and Johnny. As usual, they show that working out can be so much fun!” said Zatashah.

On Les Mills’ latest program, Les Mills BARRE™ she commented:

“I really enjoyed Les Mills BARRE™ and would recommend people try it out. It is a 30 minute workout, but you definitely feel the 'beautiful burn' as it is very challenging. I love the elegance of ballet, the moves are really beautiful, and the best part is you don’t need to be trained in ballet to participate in BARRE. You will feel the stretch and muscles burn, and there is a cardio track… so you do get a full body workout in just 30 minutes. I will definitely do it again soon!”