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How to Celebrate this International Day of Yoga

by Marie Anagnostis

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We (peacefully) rounded up our resident Yoga and BODYBALANCE experts in the Les Mills Asia Pacific Trainer and Presenter team and asked for their expert tips on how to celebrate this international day of breathing, meditation and postures, so whether you’re a Yogi or a Nogi, you can commemorate the day:

The answer was unanimous when we quizzed the team on “how can a Nogi mark this International Day of Yoga”: mindfulness – the means of paying attention to the present moment. The beauty of practicing mindfulness is that you don’t need a single thing; nope – not even a colouring book, just literally a few minutes of your undivided time.

Alexandra from QLD suggests taking 5 minutes to sit still and be quiet by sitting cross-legged on the floor (and if not comfortable, popping a pillow or rolled up towel under your sit-bones), lengthening your spine and relaxing your shoulders “then start to notice your breath, the inhales, the exhales and that quite space between your breaths when your body is completely still”. She recommends that as your mind begins to wander, pay full attention to your breathing again. “Notice how taking the 5 minutes out of your day to practice stillness can bring more peace into your life”.

We also appreciated Dee’s (NSW) suggestion of “stop looking at your phone and notice the world and the people around you instead”. Useful advice for the other 364 days of the year we thinks!

Oh and of course (thanks Clare NSW!) bring a friend and try BODYBALANCE for the first time! And it sounds like you won’t be short of classes…

For our resident experts, it’s no surprise that on 21 June, they will either be practicing yoga themselves or teaching BODYBALANCE. If you are looking for a class to go to in SA, you might want to seek out a class by Miriam. She likes to commemorate special occasions with thoughtful touches like making quote cards for her class as everyday reminders (love!), sharing home-made bliss-balls or making an effort to create a beautiful space for her members to unwind – this year she will be theming the room specifically for Workout for Water (find out more here “My theme will be water for life – beautifying the studio with nature elements that rely on water for survival”. Perfection.

“Oh and it’s my birthday so there might be cake and bubbles involved!”

And for those who have never experienced BODYBALANCE before – run (mindfully), don’t walk – because BODYBALANCE is a yoga-inspired workout that includes elements of Tai Chi and Pilates set to a beautiful soundtrack. Never experienced the joys of BODYBALANCE? Here is a top tip for first timers from Libby, QLD:

Just listen to your body and your breath, it will tell you what it wants to do, then (of course) listen and look to your instructor and choose the options that are right for you, today, in the present moment. It is super easy to get caught up trying to do what we think we should do rather than listening to our body and doing what is right for us right now!