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International Dance Day

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Meet Edcel, BORN-TO-DANCE king from Philippines, who is a certified LES MILLS BODY JAM and SH’BAM instructor. He also teaches BODY COMBAT, Les Mills Tone and CXWORX. He fell in love with rhythm and moves of BODY JAM Release 14 years ago. “At the time, the GFM of that club and the BODY JAM instructors saw my potential and encouraged to take up BODY JAM IMT”, says Edcel. Edcel had major stage fright and a fear of being judged. His mentor, Arnold Warren, James Fritz and Ann-Marie at the time, gave him the strength to be comfortable with the stage.

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Since becoming a Les Mills instructor, Edcel’s social skills increasingly developed, he was wasn’t shy Edcel anymore, he was “Bring It On Edcel”. Edcel tell us, “I was able to pour my heart and soul into my dancing and that was the greatest reward of all”.

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In conjunction with International Dance Day on the 29th April 2019, how important is dance in our society?

“I cannot imagine a society without dance. Over the year, it has evolved and expanded, not just on chereography but in its purpose. Dancing is a way of life. It is a form of expression, stress relief, leisure and now, exercise. People who dance are happy people.”

This 31 year old, loves Hip Hop and Modern Dance. He finds that this is the best kind of dance to express oneself. Edcel would love to try Contemporary dance one day as it breaks the boundaries of Modern Dance into interesting expressions of movements.

“Not everyone can be a dancer but everybody can dance.” Do you agree with this statement and why or why not?

“Yes, I totally agree with this. Being a dancer is studying the art of dancing, which has a broad spectrum. A dancer goes beyond choreography and execution. He/she dedicates  time and effort to know the whats, hows and whys of the choreography, music, feeling and style together. Not everyone can do that, but anyone can move to a rhythm whether they are “born to dance” or they “try to dance” so to speak.”


“He has the charisma and knows how to motivate you. No matter how challenging the steps he manage to teach it well. You can see his passion and his heart as an instructor.”  - Rose Lim

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“BODY JAM has given me not just a good workout, but a sound mind and soul. Thank you Les Mills. Thank you Edcel!” – Wilson Mendez

“Edcel is very engaging. I love the energy he brings in every routine. His movements are precise, which makes it easier for jammers like me to follow.” – Arvin dela Rosa

“Edcel is an amazing teacher whose passion for dance just oozes from his being. I can always look forward to a great atmosphere in his BODY JAM classes!” – Heidi Bael

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“(Edcel) taught me to be more of myself; to express my passion in dancing fearlessly, and to simply destress from a long day of work. (His) BODY JAM class gives me happiness and lets my heart fly out with the rhythm.” – Maeyen Gomez

Edcel’s advice to aspiring Sh’Bam/Bodyjam instructors:

“Be brave enough to allow yourself to discover (a) what you can do; and (b) how you can share it with others, just like what I did. You will never know what is out there if you don’t give yourself a chance to take a look.”


  1. Favorite Song currently
    “One Kiss” by Last Love and “Into The Light” by Sick individuals, DBSTSarticle image
  2. What animal do you identify with and why?
    “Pig” because that’s what my sister calls me, and I love my sister. Nothing complicated here haha!
  3. What is one thing that people assume about you, that is wrong?
    Sometimes people mistake me for being unapproachable outside of class, but the truth is I'm shy by nature. I'm not very good at initiating conversations, but I can definitely talk to anyone who approaches me.
  4. Three things you can’t live without.
    1. Food Trips!
    2. Gadgets for music and videos
    3. Workouts!
  5. What new dance move is your favourite?
    “The Lazy Drag” from BODY JAM 85, and “Turn and Fly” from BODYJAM 87

This dancing Penangite, is a 4 leaf clover in Les Mills programs, with her hand in Les Mills BODY JAM, SH’BAM, BODY STEP and BODY BALANCE.  Winnie was first inspired by her role model, BODY JAM instructor 6 years ago, who made her fall head over heels for BODY JAM and she’s never wavered since then. This instructor is no other than Lyza Colina. “Lyza taught me that it is always important to be 100% present in every class you teach and that is what I give my members and myself in every class I teach”. Unfortunately, Lyza could not witness Winnie’s journey to becoming a Les Mills instructor as she is no longer with us. Lyza passed away the same day Winnie passed her AIM module in BODY JAM. 

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You’re forever with us, Lyza. Thank you from everyone at Les Mills.  (Second from the right)

Without breaking in spirit, Winnie has become even more inspired to live up to her fallen instructor’s standards. She has become more confident and open to meeting new people through her module training and classes. This 24 year old is determined to contribute more to her member’s life, making their lives better and more enjoyable.

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In conjunction with International Dance Day on the 29th April 2019, if we were not allowed to dance anymore, how different would we/the world be?

“For me, dance allows for expressions beyond words. Dance gives opportunities to be people to be real. It’s like a translator for the heart, without using words. Without it, I think the world would be less expressive, less colourful and very much of a straight highway. Without it, I don’t think we are capable of showing the world who we truly are.”

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The dance enthusiast of 6 years swears by Modern Dance and Hip Hop. It gives her a sense of liberation and surge of energy. However, Winnie would also like to try contemporary dance, as it is a different kind of energy that allows her to step out of her comfort zone.


“Not everyone can be a dancer but everybody can dance”

Do you agree with this statement and why or why not?

“Yes, I do. Not everyone would take dance as a profession but everybody can dance. Everybody has something to express. It’s a matter of interest, if they want to dance.”


”For the past few months of joining, BODY JAM has become one of my favourite classes. Not to mention, having the assistance of a great instructor. Directions and instructions were easy to follow. Every movement was well guided, clear and understandable. In addition, she was able to bring hype and excitement to class which allowed us to enjoy more.”- Hayati Salleh

“She is energetic. I feel her energy when she is on stage and most importantly, I can feel the connection between instructor and participants”- Ivan Saputra

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“Winnie is enthusiastic, motivating and knowledgeable. I find her class fun and challenging because she mixes the releases every week. She inspires me to strive and come back for more”- Cecilia Pau

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Winnie’s to aspiring Sh’Bam/BODY JAM instructors?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself as you teach, and give yourself to your participants.



  1. Favorite Song currently
    Rise by Jonas Blue ft Jack & Jackarticle image
  2. What animal do you identify with and why?
    Dogs - They are genuine. They present their true-self to people.
  3. What one thing that people assume about you, that is wrong?
    People think that I’m always the cheerful one. Well, when I’m not really, I’m just a little secluded.
  4. Three things you can’t live without..
    Technically? FOOD, OXYGEN and WATER. Duh! Haha
  5. What new dance move is your favorite?
    The dance moves for Sangria Wine in SH’BAM! Check out SH’BAM 34, track 2