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by Les Mills Asia Pacific


In an article about effective heart rate monitoring, Les Mills Trainer Jim Berg says that monitoring heart rate is great for feedback, motivation and keeping check on your training load. Berg also says that a heart rate monitor makes it easy for members to learn, grow, and improve their understanding about how their body responds to exercise. It enables reflection and comparison, so they can monitor fluctuations and establish norms. It is also particularly valuable for members who are fans of high-intensity interval training as research reminds us of the importance of avoiding too much time in the 90 per cent-plus max zone.

To enable members who enjoy the benefits of monitoring their heart rate, the world’s leading group fitness program provider Les Mills has formed an exciting partnership with fitness wearable juggernaut Myzone. This initiative provides a seamless integration of technology, enabling Clubs who offer LES MILLS™ Virtual to deliver live heart rate monitoring to groups using the Myzone software.

Virtual content and wearables have both seen significant growth since the pandemic, making them leading trends in the industry today1. Adding heart rate feedback to virtual content has been shown to make classes even more engaging and interactive for participants, especially since the provision of live biometric feedback has been known to increase motivation.

Virtual studios are a fast-growing trend that's expanding even to vertical markets such as hotels. Asia’s first hotel boutique fitness facility, Sindhorn Wellness by Resense, is the first club in Thailand to offer virtual cycling.

“The Partnership between Myzone and LES MILLS Virtual programs has been received by our members at Sindhorn Wellness as a major leap forward in the way they train,” said Richard Grew, Director of Wellness. “Our Management team are tracking the way customer habits are changing and can see that our members are pushing harder, longer and trying new programs; their fitness levels are soaring; our members are engaged at the club and are also connecting socially.”

Another winning highlight of the integrated solution is the ability to add a gamification element to participants’ target heart rates through Myzone’s software feature called “Zonematch” which adds a further engaging gamification element to participants’ target heart rates.

Sindhorn Wellness by Resense is evidence that the combined efforts of these two best-in-class providers can enable fitness facilities to create an unrivalled experiences for their members or guests.

Conveniently for clubs, this dual-integration can potentially reduce the cost of hardware and licensing fees for clubs, compared to the rates when these operating systems are purchased separately.

To find out more about how existing Les Mills Club Partners and Myzone facilities can upgrade to offer this integrated solution, contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.