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Instructor nightmares

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100 pairs of eyes are fixed on you. The singular spotlight has you centred (and somehow restrained) on the stage. The whistling of an un-tuned mic and a lone cough are the only sounds that echo in the confines of the studio.

They wait.

Your phone battery is dead. Your back-up ipod is dead. It doesn’t matter. You haven’t learned the chorey anyway. Even if you did, for some reason no sound is coming out of your mouth…

Instructor nightmares. As we have discovered – they are totally a thing.

We asked local Instructors about their recurring Instructor nightmares – ones that normal (i.e non-instructors) would understand.

It’s ok. We understand.

The most common themed nightmare is sleeping through alarms for morning classes – this is one nightmare that has unfortunately come true for some of our Instructors! “This is why I set 12-alarms before my Tuesday morning class”.

One local Presenter has a recurring nightmare (“at least 5 times”) that he is about to present at a Quarterly Workshop but when he gets there he hasn’t even looked at the chorey (reminds us: have you booked in to Workshops? Another Presenter dreams that the sound system is located down the street, so when they need to stop music between tracks, they have to run down the street – in cleats.

What about the nightmare where you take off a warm layer of clothing right before class only to realise you aren’t wearing anything underneath?  Or the packed class that dwindles down to one participant by the end? Or the unique “I’ve had dreams where I met the Head Program Coach [Program Performance Coach] who assessed me and de-certified me!” For the record: de-certified isn’t a thing!

Now that we have put these ideas in your head…sleep tight (did you set your alarm/s??)