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Instructor In-Deed

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What are you buying when you purchase a kit?

It’s a simple transaction right? You hand over your cash, you get the goods, you do what you please with said goods.

Well, not always. It depends on the contract you have entered in to.

As instructors at Initial Module Training (IMT), one of the first things we do is enter in to a contract by signing the “Instructor Deed of Understanding”. It might have been a long time ago, or you were too full of nervous energy to take in what you were signing, but here is a friendly reminder of the key points you agreed to by signing your Instructor Deed of Understanding:

Licensed facilities only–  3(a) in your Deed

You can only conduct the program you are trained in at a licensed facility. In order to run Les Mills programs, your club requires a license for each program they wish to run. If they are licensed in BODYATTACK only, you can only teach BODYATTACK in that facility.

Sharing is not caring– 5(iii) in your Deed

Sharing of resources between people (Instructors or otherwise) is not permitted.

On-selling is also not caring – 5 (iv) in your Deed

You may not on-sell or giveaway your resources (digital or physical kits), even if you are retired from Instructing.

Andy, the recently appointed Compliance Manager at Les Mills Asia Pacific says his intention is to educate and support those through, what can sometimes be murky waters “I think people out there make honest mistakes when it comes to compliance, it’s my job to educate people on the expectations they have agreed when they signed the Deed of Understanding”.

If you are unsure of the issues relating to compliance in Australia, drop Andy a line at If you are located in South East Asia is your support person.