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How YOU can influence Workshops

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Organising a Quarterly Workshop is a country-wide jigsaw puzzle; which venue? Which programs? What about the schedule? Should BODYATTACK be first? Last? Sandwiched somewhere in the middle? Now to throw Presenters in the mix. Are they available to present that Quarter? Can they travel interstate? What time do they need to be back home? Can we coordinate 5 Presenters from 3 different states to arrive at the airport at the same time so they can travel in the same Uber? Gahhhhhhhh!

While we do our very best to accommodate as many Instructors Workshop preferences as humanly possible each Quarter – sometimes, some Instructors don’t get to attend all of their programs at a Workshop due to location and/or program scheduling (see puzzle above!). But did you know you do have a say in the distribution of Workshops and Programs. Here’s how:


Programs are scheduled at particular venues and quarters based on numbers in previous quarters. Similar to the red-light system many clubs adopt for “low-performing” classes, at LMAP we use a similar system to determine whether a particular program is viable at a particular venue.

What you can do: if your program isn’t scheduled at a location near you, rally your fellow instructors, give us a shout at for said program and we will take your request in to consideration for future Quarters.


Venues need to meet specific criteria in order to be considered for a Quarterly Workshop. Some of those criteria include: the freedom to schedule Les Mills Workshop classes in and among regular weekend club classes, management being comfortable with hundreds of Instructors passing through their doors (at the risk of disturbing regular members) and specific criteria in terms of sound systems to name a few.

What you can do: are you an instructor at a kick-butt club that you think could host a Quarterly Workshop? Give a holla and we’ll check it out!

Where possible, this is how we endeavour to make Workshops a viable option for as many Instructors as possible each Quarter:

* Where possible, weekends 1 & 2 are swapped around each Quarter. For example, Singapore is on the second weekend in Q3. In Q4, Singapore will be on the first weekend

* We alternate niche programs. For example at a particular venue, BODYJAM will feature in Q1, BODYCOMBAT in Q2, then back to BODYJAM in Q3

* For Instructors to experience different styles in teaching, we aim to bring approximately five interstate Presenters to each Workshop

* Programs are scheduled at different times of the day in relation to the previous Quarter. For example, in Q1 BODYBALANCE might be the first class of the day at a particular venue, in Q2 it would be switched to a later class. This of course is largely dependent on the Club timetable we are working around.

If you have constructive feedback and suggestions for future Workshops – please contact

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