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Les Mills helping well-being in WA mines


Les Mills Asia Pacific and Compass Group Australia have partnered to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of residents in mining villages in remote Western Australia.

The partnership between Compass’ health and wellbeing brand Tastelife and Les Mills, aims to enhance the quality of life of FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) workers by offering the latest in group fitness classes, delivered via virtual technology.

General Manager of Les Mills Asia Pacific Australia Andrew Taylor believes the breakthrough initiative will boost fitness engagement levels and decrease the incidence of stress and anxiety that can be associated with FIFO living, as well as increasing Les Mills' corporate social responsibility. "We're really glad to be partnering with Compass Group due to their wide reach in remote communities," Andrew said. "Our products are state of the art and world renowned, so we are excited to be able to contribute to a better quality of life for FIFO workers using our virtual fitness program," Andrew said. Compass Group ESS Executive Director John Sheridan says he is pleased to be partnering with a leading fitness brand and is confident the innovative program will result in an increase in exercise and engagement levels amongst the FIFO residents.

"Currently our total resident engagement level across all sites nationally is 25%. We really want to see an increase in this figure, as one of our core values within Tastelife is to help FIFO residents leave site in a healthier state than when they arrived.”

"By having a strong global fitness brand such as Les Mills on board, we are confident we can make this happen," John said.

Installation is almost finished at the Gateway Village in Port Hedland with the official launch of the virtual workout studios taking place shortly after.