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How to get more value from your latest release

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There is no doubt learning a new release takes extra time and energy. Below are some ideas to extend the life and value of your latest release.

Bonus tracks

This is an easy way to extend the life of any new release. Most programs come with bonus/alternate tracks to choose from. When it comes time to mix, rather than deviating completely from the new release – simply slip in the bonus/alternate tracks. While we *think* we need to change what we teach frequently, your members might only see you once/week – so it’s not unreasonable to think you can’t keep a new release for a longer period than usual. And the few bonus/alternate tracks will give the release a whole new feel. When it does come to switching out the release completely, consider only changing a few tracks at a time.

Team teach – mix it up

One of the joys of new release time is team teaching. If you have your regular team that reunites at new release time, why not mix it up and add someone else to the team you don’t normally teach with? You will add a totally new dynamic to your class and even learn something new. You might team teach for a week or two, and then when you go solo you can keep the same release as teaching solo will be a completely new feel for you and the class.

Read the technique and coaching sections

New release time is an effort to simply remember choreography, you may feel there is no extra time for additional information in regards to the release. But when is the last time you really paid attention to the page opposite the choreography notes – the Technique and Coaching page? Do you realise that there is a wide variety of cues here? You may think this is quite obvious but right under your nose this entire time are cues that you might have neglected, not even thought of and simply refresh your memory of the compulsory cues. Also, for many tracks you will find specific notes to keep in mind/help you understand the track such as Connection, Intensity, Facts, Feel, Essence and Why.

Watch the education

Are there new moves in your latest release? Is there new information on the same moves? Each quarter (and in between), there will be new information on your program. Available only on the Les Mills App (available on Apple and Android now), the Education section organises information by program, making it simple to find. As a bonus, Education is available as video content of varying lengths, making it easier to digest.

Watch the masterclass

If you learn simply by reading the choreography notes, you are missing out on ideas and cues on how to deliver the track by watching the masterclass. If the reason you don’t watch the masterclass is time constraints – try playing it in the background while you do something else and let the wording wash over you – you might just pick up some brilliant ideas for your next class.