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How is a Les Mills release created?

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releases header image

Part 4: Post Production

The slick editing, the comprehensive choreography notes: these are just some of Post Production efforts you see when you download your Quarterly Resources. Once the Filming of the masterclass is complete (part 3 of the series), the task of Post Production begins.

The first cut is the unkindest: editing footage

The process of editing the masterclass has changed over the last few years. In the past a live sports film crew edited the footage in the moment and then smaller edits were made after. The process has now been flipped with the majority of the editing occurring after the masterclass – allowing the crew more time and therefore precision in the final product. Edits are of course made in consultation with the Program Directors who watch several different versions of the masterclass footage.

The second cut isn’t that much kinder: writing notes

Once the masterclass has been filmed, the footage, music and draft notes are sent to Note Writers – there is one writer for each program. Their task is to essentially write the choreography notes. An interesting undertaking for the writers in particular programs (such as SH’BAM, BODYJAM and Born To Move) is they are not only notarising the choreography, but creating the names to some moves!

And the journey continues

The notes are then forwarded to the Program Planners who format the notes in a way familiar to instructors as per the choreography “booklet”. This is when the Program Proofers step in and as you can imagine check the notes in conjunction with the masterclass footage and music to ensure the notes are accurate and line-up with the choreography and music cues.

The final step of Post Production is uploading the finalised and polished resources ready for digital dispatch to instructors.

Next step

Now that the release is neatly packaged it’s time to deliver: Quarterly Workshops. Next month in part 5 of 5 of this series we take you behind the scenes on exactly how this download magically makes its way to a stage near you 4 times per year.