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Here's what we learned from our first OIMTs

by Les Mills


We’ve always believed that imparting the skills, techniques and the nuances required to turn mere mortals into group fitness Instructor superstars, relies on the premium experience that our passionate Trainers and Presenters deliver, in-person to our Trainees. That is, however, until we embraced ONLINE Initial Module Training (OIMT).

The great news is, a resounding 80% of Trainees who have gone through the process of our new ONLINE Initial Module Training have reported a positive experience.

One recurring theme we’ve noticed is that our online training is a great way to challenge yourself and help you identify your preferred method of learning. We’ve also enjoyed hearing that some of our Trainees actually enhanced their learning experience by undertaking the training onsite with other Instructors (while adhering to all COVID regulations, of course).

Now – some 9+ weeks after launching our first OIMTs – we’ve been able to gather sufficient data to help us ensure future training will meet your needs even better. In response to feedback received, here are a few of the improvements we’ll be applying to our future OIMTs:


We’re adding a short Masterclass

On Day 2 we’ll include a 30-minute Masterclass, which will be used to focus on role modelling the compulsory Key Elements and providing Technical Coaching to enhance learning.


We’re adding two Teaching and Practise Sessions, as well as Partner Feedback

On Days 1 and 2, you’ll be partnered up and have a chance to use the Zoom Breakout Room where you can teach to each other.


We’re adding a 'Post-Day 2 Group Feedback Video'

In addition to the individual feedback video that you receive from your Trainer, you’ll also have access to a complementary video that provides even more indepth feedback. This “Group Feedback Video” will be shared in your OIMT Facebook group and will provide more key things to focus on in preparation for your certification on Day 3.

Here at Les Mills Asia Pacific, we pride ourselves on remaining positive, yet authentic. We always appreciate and invite constructive criticism, as we recognise it sheds light on the places where we can improve. For this reason, we remain committed to responding to any concerns and, where viable, to integrating your suggestions into our future offerings.

It was immediately apparent to us OIMTs are a great solution to meet the needs for Instructor training during these radical times; and we’re proud that our OIMTs are overcoming some of the current travel and accommodation restrictions to enable Instructors just like you, to continue to learn and upskill from the comfort of your own space, while also affording you a little extra time to process and put into practise what you’ve learned.


To find out more about ONLINE Initial Module Training, including the current course schedule visit