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Fuel Your Fitness with Nothing but Pedal Power

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Started in August 2013, Priority Fitness decided to offer RPM class to its members, thanks to the cycling waves that hit Malaysia at that time; a class where passionate cyclists can train indoor and show their mettle outdoor and at the same time, motivating their teammates to work out together.

Right off the bat, RPM is proven to be one of the great classes for the members. Sometimes, members were seen to literally “fight” for their bikes while some to the extent would queue for 15 to 20 minutes in order to join the RPM class.

Doubtless to say that the RPM class has brought endless benefits to the members. Not just that they have benefited for health reasons, but it also contributes to their overall wellbeing including self-confidence and self-esteem.

Marcus Goh, the Founder of Priority Fitness Centre said “Health is so important these days. Therefore, it is vital for us to advocate and attract members of all levels to workout. As a fitness studio, we attract the members based on the offered program whereas our instructors strive to help the members to stay healthy and fit.”

“The initial investment to have RPM class in fitness studio could be fairly huge but I must say that it is a good investment after all. The demand from the members have outstripped the supply,” Goh added.

Drawing the members to a low impact, high intensity workout accompanied with great music, members of Priority Fitness are now hooked with RPM class. On a weekly basis, all 6 RPM classes would experience a full-house.

Goh said, “Having a Les Mills program like RPM on our timetable, which requires a significant monetary investment, puts our gym on par with the ‘Big Boys’”.

Head of Research at Les Mills, Bryce Hastings, says RPM is one of the safest ways to build fitness and push intensity. “All you have to do is jump on a bike and start spinning your legs,” he says. “Our studies show that good music and great instructors encourage people to not only push themselves to get fitter, but to continue coming back to the same class. That’s where solid fitness habits are formed.”

To find out more about getting RPM in your facility, please contact your Business Partnership Manager at your region.